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Anne Heche has been in a coma since the car accident and has lost consciousness-A representative for the actress has described her as “very critical after Friday’s car accident”.


Anne Heche has been in a coma since the car accident and has lost consciousness
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Anne Heche fainted and lost consciousness shortly after her car crashed in Los Angeles on Friday.

Initial reports about the actress’s condition after the incident said she was “stable” and firefighters said she had spoken to rescuers as she was pulled safely from the rubble.

However, on Monday a spokesperson for Heche, 53, said: “Despite previous reports that Heche was stable, shortly after the accident, [she] fainted, went into a coma, and is in critical condition.”

Heche’s representatives said: “Anne is in extremely critical condition at this time. She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that required surgical intervention.

On Saturday, Heche’s publicist said her condition was “stable” and her family asked for “thoughts and prayers”. The previous morning, reports suggested Heche was speeding on a road before crashing into a house.

This caused what the Los Angeles Fire Department described as a “massive fire”, which took several firefighters an hour to extinguish.

The occupant of the house survived without any injuries but the building was deemed uninhabited. A fundraising page has been set up to help the owner convert their belongings and home.

Neighbors next door told Fox News that the car had collapsed right in the middle of the house. “The windows were broken, so I opened the back door of the car. She [Heche] replied and said she was not well, so it was hard. I know they didn’t get her out of the car until the fire was largely brought under control.”

Heche, who has a son, is best known for her starring roles in films such as Psycho, Donnie Brasco, Six Days Seven Nights, and Cedar Rapids.

sources: The Guadian

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