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Guest asked former CNN host Brian Stelter: ‘Is John Malone responsible for shutting down your show?‘-A guest on CNN, Brian Stelter’s “trusted source,” publicly sparked speculation about whether an influential billionaire left-wing media commentary was to blame for the show’s shutdown.

Guest asked former CNN host Brian Stelter: 'Is John Malone responsible for shutting down your show?'


During the event’s final show on Sunday, Insider’s chief media correspondent Claire Atkinson brought up media tycoon John Malone, a major shareholder of CNN’s parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, questioning whether he was responsible for Stelter’s dismissal. There were, as well as Nai Disha, a cable news network.

“Is John Malone Responsible for Finishing Your Show?” Atkinson asked for an answer without stopping. “I don’t know the answer. I think people might suspect it is political. He is a liberal who believes in not paying taxes if he can avoid it.”

“He said he’s not directly involved. It’s an interesting quote,” the reporter continued. “But then again, I think he’s a businessman. He is watching where the spectators and the money are. Viewership is divided between CNN and MSNBC. On the other hand, the viewership is associated with Fox News, it has a lot and a huge audience likes it, a lot of money, and maybe he’s saying, ‘You know, if we change a little bit like this, maybe we’ll get that too.'”


“There will definitely be more change,” Stelter said without commenting further.

Last week, Malone told the New York Times that it had “nothing to do” with Stelter’s exit, but asked the network to return to non-partisan coverage.

Neither CNN nor Malone returned a request for comment on Monday. Last week, a CNN representative told The Post that the move to cancel the show was a business decision and came from CNN boss Chris Licht.

But both Malone and Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav have over the past few months underscored the importance of getting CNN back at the center.

Stelter had developed a reputation under ex-CNN boss Jeff Zucker for espousing left-leaning views and for clashing with conservatives, who during former President Donald Trump’s time in the White House, the network’s opinion-based coverage. was particularly enhanced.


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