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GMAIL Features: Do you also want to know those features of Gmail that you are still unaware of-Gmail is most commonly used to send messages online or log in to your Android phone. But you are unaware of many such important Google features that can be of great use to you. So let us know about the features of Google on this page.

GMAIL Features: Do you also want to know those features of Gmail that you are still unaware of


GMAIL Features: Do you also want to know those features of Gmail that you are still unaware of

Gmail Features

Create Gmail ID with dots in your email address before @

You may have noticed that many email addresses always have full stops at the end, but did you know that Gmail doesn’t care because Gmail doesn’t read full stops? Gmail treats it like a normal address like and Then why do people do this? In fact, you have more email IDs than you need.

For example, there are times when you have to sign up for free on many websites. Will be What is its advantage? So you can understand this as if someone types in your email address with too many or too few dots (full stop), you will still get the message.

Option to undo sent emails

Are you aware that if you act fast enough, and make a mistake while sending an email, you can undo an already sent email and get it back? If you pay attention while sending the email, you will find that a big “Undo” button or option will appear in the list of sent emails.

It’s no surprise that this option prevents your email from going out. Now you must be thinking what is the secret in this? , then the hidden feature is that you can set how long that button is present before it disappears, and you can no longer read the message.

Features of Gmail

Did you know GMAIL has a preview panel?

When you read an email, your inbox is split into two. One section contains a list of your emails; And in the second part, the email you clicked on appears. Did you know that you can decide which part of the reading pane appears?

It can be at the bottom or right of the inbox. Yes, the Reading pane in Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to fast-forward through emails, but Gmail only has one feature. You’ll need to do this to get this feature – go to the Gmail Labs option and click the “Cog” button, then click “Settings,” “Labs,” “Preview Pane,” “Enable,” and “Save Changes.” Click on the button.

Turn off group emails to avoid distractions

 When you have to send the same message to many people, it is sent by email to the whole group, then you have to choose the option “Reply to all” Your inbox keeps buzzing as soon as you go to this option. You have to deal with all the information that drags you away from your work, and Gmail can help with that.

If you don’t have time and want to read these emails later, but don’t want to be constantly up and down, you should mute the email thread option. All you have to do is open the message, click on “More” in the top bar and select “Mute”. that’s all there is to it. Now you will receive every new message in this conversation, but you will not get distracting message alerts.

Hidden Features of Gmail

Activate the reading pane option

With the ‘Reading Pane’ feature provided by Gmail, you get to read your emails without having to click on each message and go back to your inbox every time. When you activate the reading pane, in these cases the inbox is split into two parts.

One part shows your inbox list, while the other part shows you the contents of the emails you click on. You can also make sure which part of the reading pane appears. This can be done at the top or bottom of the inbox.

Option to schedule email at any time

As soon as you click on the option of the send button, all the emails are sent. But here Gmail gives you a facility, that is, if you want to send some email later then there is an option to schedule your email. With email scheduling done, you can ensure the future date, time, or date you want for Gmail to send your email. But you also have to note, that this feature is limited in that you can only schedule one email at a time. That is, if you want to schedule multiple emails at once, then this facility will not be available.

So now you must have understood that while working outside your shift, how useful this facility will prove to be for you. Plus you can avoid your boss that you sometimes get your work done after hours. If you want to ensure that your customers are not disturbed after hours, it is a good option to ensure your email schedules for the next business day. And with this, you can take some leisure time for yourself

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