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Amazing Fact – In this post, we will tell you about different mysteries, which you might not know about.

There are many such secrets and information in this world about which we people do not know.

This world is full of mysteries and there are such secrets and information about which we people do not even believe.

So let’s know about Amazing Facts through this post.

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50+ Shockingly Interesting Facts

 50+ Shockingly Interesting Facts

1. The number of bacteria present on the human body is much more than the number of animals present on the earth.

2. After 10 minutes of the birth of a child, so much brain develops in him that he understands from which side the sound is coming.

3. The funeral procession of eunuchs is carried out at night only. Before lifting the funeral pyre, beaten with shoes and slippers 

And after the death of the eunuch, the entire eunuch community would starve for a week.


50+ Shockingly Interesting Facts

4. If you cut onions while eating chewing gum, then tears will not come from your eyes.

5. If all the living beings on earth are made to run, then humans will run for the longest time.

6. There is so much iron in our body that 1 inch long nail can be made from it.

7. Cricket is played in only those countries which have been ruled by the British.

50+ Shockingly Interesting Facts

8. If you eat grapes after taking medicine, then it can also kill you.

9. Polonium is the most dangerous poison in the world. Just 1 gram of polonium is enough to kill 5 crore people.

10. As soon as there is a lack of 1% water in our body, we feel thirsty and when this deficiency becomes 10%, then death occurs.

11. India has the largest number of cows in the world. The number of cows in India is more than 28 crores.

12. Only female mosquitoes are blood pickers. Male mosquitoes drink only sweet liquids and a female mosquito can drink blood up to 3 times its own weight.

13. A scorpion can live for 6 days by holding its breath.

14. The world’s tallest statue is of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the first Home Minister of India. It is called the Statue of Unity. 

The height of this idol is 182 meters. Which is located in the state of Gujarat, India.

15. You automatically get insurance up to Rs.50 lakh with LPG gas connection.

If there is an accident in your gas cylinder, then you can get compensation of up to 50 lakhs.

16. The development of human brain occurs till the age of 40 years.

17. 95% of the people of this world write their name as the first word after buying a new pen.

18. Initially the PIN of ATM used to be 6 digits but the wife of the inventor remembered only 4 digits. So it was reduced to 4 marks.

19. The smallest bone in the human body is the stapes, which is in the ear.

20. There is so much sugar in the human body that 10 cups of tea can be sweet.

21. The first camera was made in the year 1894. He had to sit for 8 hours in front of him to be photographed.

22. Honey is such a substance that contains all the elements which are necessary for our body.

23. Those who think too much do not get sleep on time. Often such people suffer from insomnia.

9 out of 24.10 people wet their toothbrush after applying the paste.

25. Lizard’s heart beats 1000 times in 1 minute.

26. Indian women have about 11% of the world’s gold, this gold is more than the total gold of countries like Germany, Switzerland and America.

27. In India, out of 100 marriages, only 1 marriage is divorced, which is the lowest in the world.

28. Chanakya Niti is so tremendous that even today the leaders of the world and India use it to improve foreign relations.

29. The real sister-in-law of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, who abolished the practice of Sati, was burnt alive after the death of his brother, citing the practice of Sati.

30. Hearing one’s own name even when no one is speaking is a sign of a healthy mind.

31. An average person needs seven minutes to fall asleep.

32. Groundnut is also used in making bombs.

33. Rich people in China can send others to jail instead of them.

34. If your phone hangs, then put it on charging, it will start your phone quickly.

35. A bee while flying flaps its wings more than 200 times in a second.

36. The most commonly used letter of the English alphabet is ‘E’.

37. Our brain is the most fat organ of the body, 60% of it is fat.

38. There are at least 6 people in this world who look like you, but the chance of meeting them is only 9%.

39. When the dolphin sleeps, only half of its brain sleeps, and it sleeps with one eye open.

40. There is so much gold in the oceans that if all that is taken out and distributed among the people around the world, then each person’s share will be about 1 kg of gold.

 41. India is the country with the largest number of post offices in the world, so many post offices are not there in any other country in the world.

42. A cockroach can live for 9 days even after beheading it, after which it will die of starvation.

43. Good liars are also very quick in catching others’ lies.

44. India has never ruled any other country in its history.

45. Before the year 1991, there was no website on the Internet, whereas today there are more than 100 crore websites registered on the Internet.

46. ​​Many diseases are caused by drinking water after a meal, so water should be drunk 1 hour after the meal.

47. The first tear of happiness comes from the right eye and the first tear of sorrow comes from the left eye.

48. By donating blood, one’s life is saved and it also reduces the risk of cancer and heart diseases to the donor.

49. When a child is born, the pain felt by the mother at that time is equivalent to breaking 20 bones simultaneously.

50. Human brain has the capacity to store 100 billion information.

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