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      There are many unknown stories about North Korea that most people are unaware of. Today we will tell you 14 such interesting tales related to North Korea, which you may also be unaware of.

14 strange things related to North Korea that most people are unaware of!



14 strange things related to North Korea that most people are unaware of!

      North Korea is such a country in the whole world that people are always curious to know about it. This is because people are still unaware of the various secrets related to North Korea. And perhaps the most famous person in the world is Kim-Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea. Let us tell you some special stories related to North Korea.

1-North Korea’s tallest building looks like ruins

Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, has the tallest building, which is called a ruin because it is so dilapidated that it is also called the ‘Hotel of Doom’. The Guinness Book of World Records told about it that this building is 1079 feet high and it is the world’s tallest empty building. 

    The building started construction in 1987, but due to the deteriorating economy of North Korea, its construction work was stopped several times in three decades. Even though you may see this 105-story building gleaming from the outside, from inside it looks like a complete ruin. This building could not be used for any commercial activity to date, which is a strange thing in itself.

2-Government decides how women’s hairstyles will be

    According to the New York Times (NYT), North Korean women can cut their hair according to one of the 15 hairstyles decided by the government. Also, unmarried women can keep only short hair.

     Although men can cut hair in 1 different hairstyle out of the 15 hairstyles decided by the government, if the hair is found to be different from the standard set by the government, then he will be arrested and put in jail.

3-North Korea’s calendar is something special which is based on the birth date of the country’s founder

We may be living in 2022, but it is still the 111th Jewish year for the people of North Korea. The North Korean Juche calendar begins on April 15, 1912, the date of birth of the country’s founder, Kim Il-sung.

4- Jobs for women in North Korea

If you are a North Korean woman, then you can easily get a job in the most demanding sector traffic police. It has been reported that women are often selected for jobs in traffic police roles.

5- The rule of punishment for three generations

There are frequent cases of human rights abuses coming from North Korea. But one of the most shocking human rights is the rule of punishment for three generations. According to this, if a person is found guilty of a crime and sent to jail, then three generations of his family are also kept in jail.

6- Wearing blue jeans is not allowed

Blue jeans are banned in North Korea. Because the ruler believes that this color represents the capitalism of the United States.

7- Stay away from all things South Korea

North Korea has warned its citizens to stay away from all things South Korea. Including South Korean fashion, film, and music (K-pop). At least 7 North Koreans have been sentenced to death for not complying with this order.

In addition, listening to music from any foreign country is not allowed in North Korea. Only a few songs are allowed, most of which glorify the country’s politicians.

8- Only 4 TV channels in the whole country

There are only four television channels in North Korea. These are all state-owned and usually broadcast from daytime to prime time. Among these channels is an athletic channel, which tells about the history of the Games in North Korea.

9- Permission will have to be taken from the government to buy a laptop

Computers in North Korea are very expensive and difficult to buy. To buy laptops/computers, people there have to take prior permission from the government.

10- You can browse only 28 websites

In North Korea, people are only allowed to browse 28 websites. North Korea has its own intranet system called Kwangmyong or Bright and it is free.

11- The world’s largest playground is in North Korea

The May Day Stadium, built here in 1989, is said to be the largest stadium in the world. It was updated in 2014 to seat 150,000 people.

12- North Korea has its own basketball rules

Basketball rules in North Korea are different from the world. They say a slam dunk is worth three points and a field goal in the last three minutes of the game is worth eight points. Whereas in the rest of the world there are other rules.

13- Under Ground Metro

The underground metro in the country’s capital Pyongyang is 360 feet below the ground. Which makes it one of the deepest metro systems in the world. It is so deep that even at the time of a bomb attack, the metro station will be absolutely safe.

14- Used as fertilizer, human excreta

      In 2008, South Korea stopped sending fertilizers to North Korea. In such a situation, to make up for its shortage, North Korea came up with a new law asking citizens to collect their own sewage and hand it over to the officials responsible for helping with agriculture.

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