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      Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Service Selection Board Prayagraj is likely to issue an advertisement for the recruitment of teachers in the coming month. That’s why we have brought you 300 most important questions and answers of geography subject which will prove to be very important for social science and lecturer geography. If you like the post then do share it with your friends.


300 Important Geography Questions and Answers for UP TGT PGT 2022

Geography of World and India Important Question Answer

1. Through which continent of the world do the three lines of Equator, Cancer, and Capricorn pass?

Ans- Africa continent

2. Who discovered the continent of North America?

Ansr- Columbus in 1492

3. Which plateau is called the world roof?

Ans- Pamir Plateau

4. Which is the largest lake in Africa?

Ans- Victoria Lake

5. In which continent is the Atlas mountain range located?

Ans- Africa continent

6. What is called the meat market in the world?

Ans- Chicago

7. Where is the world-famous diamond mine Kimberley located?

Ans- South Africa

8. What is the strait separating North America from the continent of Asia?

Ans- Bering Water Treaty

9. What is the strait separating Africa from Europe?

Ans– Strait of Gibraltar which is in the Mediterranean Sea

10. Where are the Pampas grasslands located?

Ans- Argentina

11. In which continent the Alpesian ranges are located?

Ans –North America

12. The Silicon Valley in the continent of North America is called?

Ans- California

13. The world’s largest port?

Ans – New York City

14. In which continent is the Rocky Range located?

North in North America

15. The land of the rising sun is?

Ans – Japan

16. Which is the highest mountain peak in Rajasthan?

 Ans – Guru Shikhar

17. Which is the highest mountain peak in India?

Ans – K2 (Godwin Austin)

18. Which is the highest mountain peak in the world?

Ans- Mount Everest (8848m)

19. What is the actual length of the Great Wall of China?

Ans– 2400 km

20. Which is the largest island?


  300 Important Geography Questions and Answers for UP TGT PGT 2022

21. Which canal separates South America from North America?

Ans – Panama Canal

22. The highest freshwater lake in the world is?

Ans – Lake Titicaca

23. The national animal of Australia is?

 Ans– Kangaroo

24. The largest river in Australia is?

Ans – Murray

25. The world’s largest freshwater lake?

Ans- Lake Superior

26. Which is the deepest lake in the world?

Ans – Lake Baikal

27. On which river is Stanley Falls situated?

Nns- the Zaire River

28. On the bank of which river is London situated?

Ans- Thames River

29. Which canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea?

Ans- Suez Canal

30. Doldrums are called?

Ans- Equatorial low-pressure belt

31. Where is the highest air pressure found on Earth?

Ans- At the North Poles

32. Which is the largest and longest lake in the world?

Ans-Caspian Sea

33. Which is the largest river island in the world?

Answer – Manjuli Island

34. Which is the S-shaped ocean of English?

Ans- Atlantic Ocean

35. Where is the headquarters of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund located?

Answer – Washington DC

36. Where is the headquarter of the World Health Organization (WHO) located?

Answer – Geneva

37. Where is the headquarters of UNESCO located?

Ans- Paris

38. Where is the headquarters of the United Nations Organization located?

Ans- in New York

39. Who is called the lake killer?

Answer – Acid Rain

40. The world’s longest trough is?

Ans- Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean

41. The island with the most population is?

Ans- java island

42. World’s busiest trading ocean?

Ans- Atlantic Ocean

43. In which state is Jadugoda, the largest uranium mine located in India?

Answer – In Jharkhand

44. Where do cyclones called typhoons mainly originate?

ANS- China Sea

45. What are tropical cyclones that originate in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea called?

Answer – Hurricane

46. ​​In which country is Rio de Janeiro, the venue of the Earth Summit located in 1992?

 ANS- Brazil

47. Greenhouse effect is the result of?

Answer – End of forests in the world

48. In which year the World Trade Organization (WTO) come into existence?

Answer – In 1995

49. Which river is situated on the bank of Srinagar?

ANS– Jhelum River

50. Kolkata is situated on the banks of which river?

 ANS- Hooghly River

51. The correct order of the world’s 7 largest countries in terms of area is

Answer – The seven largest countries of the world are as follows – Russia, Canada, America, China, Brazil, Australia, India

52. What is the area of ​​India?

Answer – 32 lakh 87 thousand 263 sq km

53. What is the rank of India in the world in terms of area?

ANS-  seventh

54. On which river is Ujjain situated?

 Answer – Kshipra river

55. Delhi and Agra are situated on the banks of which river?

 Answer – Yamuna River

56. The mountain situated between Narmada and Tapti rivers is?

 Answer – Satpura

57. On which river is the Hirakud Dam located?

ANS- Mahanadi

58. On which river is the Tehri Dam built?

Answer – On Bhagirathi

59. Tungabhadra project is related to which state?

 Answer – Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

60. Damodar Valley Project is related to which two states?

ANS- West Bengal and Jharkhand

61. Pulicat Lake is in which state?

Answer – In Tamil Nadu

62. Which planet is called the morning star?

Answer –

 63. Where is the busy port of Rotterdam located?

ANS- Netherlands

64. How long is the total land border of India?

 Answer – 15200 km

65. Length of total coastline of India?

 ANS- 7516.5 km
66. What is the rank of India in the world in terms of population?

Answer- Second.

67. Which ocean is to the south of India?

Answer – Indian Ocean.

68. The Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait separates India from which country?

Answer – From Sri Lanka.

69. Which line passes through the middle of India?

Answer – Tropic of Cancer.

70. What is the extent of India from north to south?

Answer – 3214 km.

71. What is the extent of India from east to west?

Answer – 2933 km.

72. Where are the Andaman and Nicobar Islands located?

Answer – In the Bay of Bengal.

73. Which is the largest island in India?

North- Central Andaman.

74. Where is Lakshadweep located?

ANS- Arabian Sea.

75. The area of ​​India is what is the area of ​​the world?

Answer – 2.42%

76. What % of the world’s total population lives in India?

Answer – 17%

77. What is the total area of ​​India?

Answer- 32,87,263

78. Through which states do the Tropic of Cancer pass?

Answer – Tropic of Cancer passes through a total of eight states of India which are as follows- Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura and Mizoram.

79. What is the difference between Standard Time of India and Greenwich Time?

Answer – 5 hours 30 minutes.

80. What is the distance of the southern end of India from the equator?

Answer – 876 km.

81. What is the length of the land border of India?

Answer – 15200 km.

82. What is the length of the mainland coastline of India?

Answer – 6100 km.

83. Coastal boundary line of India consisting of islands??

Answer – 7516 km.

84. What is the number of coastline states in India?

Answer – 9 (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal).

85. Which state has the longest coastline?

Answer- Gujarat.

86. With which country does India have the largest land border?

Answer – With Bangladesh.

87. Which geomorphic part of India is ancient?

ANS- Peninsular Plateau.

88. What is the part of Jammu and Kashmir which is under the control of China called?

Answer – Oxi China.

89. Which is the cold desert in India?

Answer – Ladakh.

90. With which country does India has a dispute over New Moore Island?

Answer – With Bangladesh.

91. In which hemisphere is India located?

ANS- in the northern hemisphere.

92. Which important latitude divides India into two parts?

Answer- 23°3′ North.

93. An Indian state surrounded on three sides by Bangladesh?

Answer – Tripura.

94. What is the main feature of the Indian islands located in the Arabian Sea?

Answer- All the islands are of coral origin.

95. In which Indian state is the Maikal Plateau located?

Answer – In Chhattisgarh.

96. Which are the Indian states touching the borderline of India and China?

Answer – Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, and Mizoram.

97. Which is the highest peak in South India?

Answer: Annaimudi.

98. Adam’s bridge is situated between which two countries?

Answer – India and Sri Lanka.

99. Which the state of India touches most of the state boundaries?

Answer – Uttar Pradesh.

100. Which Indian region was known as Kala Pani before independence?

Answer – Andaman-Nicobar Islands.

101. Who determined the boundary line between India and Pakistan?

Answer- Sir Cyril John Radcliffe.

102. Which state of India touches the border of China, Nepal, and Bhutan?

Answer – Sikkim.

103. What is the order of the three largest states of India in terms of area?

Answer – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra.

104. In which state are the Satpura hills?

ANS– Madhya Pradesh.

105. Which is the highest peak in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

Answer – Saddle Peak.

106. In which states is the Deccan Plateau located?

Answer – Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

107. In which state are the Nilgiri hills located?

Answer – In the state of Tamil Nadu.

108. When was the Radcliffe Line drawn between India and Pakistan?

Answer – On August 15, 1947.

109. Mahendragiri hills are on the banks of which two states?

Answer – Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

110. Where is Pamban Island located?

Answer – In the Gulf of Mannar. 

111. When was the Durand Line which is between India and Afghanistan determined?

Answer – In .1896.

112. Which is the largest coastal lake in India?

Answer – Chilka Lake, Odisha.

113. Which is the largest freshwater lake?

Answer – Wular Lake, Jammu, and Kashmir.

114. Which is the largest saltwater lake?

Answer – Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan.

115. Which is the largest artificial lake?

Answer – Indira Sagar Lake.

116. Which is the highest waterfall in India?

Answer- Garsoppa or Jog Falls, Karnataka.

117. Which is the origin point of the river Ganga?

Answer – Gangotri, Uttarakhand.

118. In which state is the Narmada river that rises from Amarkantak?

ANS– Madhya Pradesh.

119. By what name is the confluence of the Ganges and the Brahmaputra called?

Answer – Meghna River.

120. Which river of India forms the delta?

Answer – Ganga and Brahmaputra.

123. Which river flows through the fault basin?

Answer – Narmada River.

124. Which is the largest river in peninsular India?

Answer – Godavari River.

125. Cauvery water dispute is between which states?

Answer – Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

126. Which river divides the plateau regions of southern India into two parts?

Answer – Narmada River.

127. Which is the highest dam in India?

Answer – Tehri Dam.

128. Which is the longest dam in India?

Answer – Hirakud Dam.

129. Which is the largest multipurpose river valley project in India?

Answer – Bhakra Nangal Project.

130. Tehri Dam is at the confluence of which rivers?

Answer – Of Bhagirathi and Bhilangana rivers.

131. Which is the highest peak in India?

Answer- K2 or Godwin Austin.

132. Which is the highest peak of the Himalayan mountain range in India?

Answer – Kangchenjunga

133. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?

Answer – Aravalli

134. What is the highest peak of the Aravalli mountain range called?

Answer – Guru Shikhar

135. Which mountain range is known as Sahyadri?

ANS- Western Ghats

136. Where is Cardamom Hill or Cardamom Hill located?

Answer – In Kerala

137. Palghat pass connects which two states?

Answer – Kerala and Tamil Nadu

138. Zojila Pass is located in which state?

Answer – Jammu and Kashmir

139. Nathula Pass is located in which state?

ANS- Sikkim

140. Which pass connects Nashik and Mumbai?

Answer – Thalghat

141. Which pass connects Kolkata and Mumbai?

Answer – Bhorghat

142. What is the climate of India?

ANS-tropical monsoon

143. Which monsoon receives maximum rainfall in India?

ANS –south west monsoon

144. Where does it rain the most in India?

Answer – Masinram

145. What is the reason for the highest rainfall in Masinram and Cherrapunji?

Answer – Funnel-like shape of the hills

146. Where does winter rain occur in India?

Answer – Tamil Nadu and Odisha

147. Monsoon is the word of which language?

Answer – Arabic language

148. Which is the most important vegetation in India?

ANS- Autumn forest

149. Which state of India has the least number of forests?

Answer – Haryana

150. What are the forests found in swampy and tidal areas called?

Answer – Mangrove Forest

151. At which place was the first national park established in India?

Answer – Jim Corbett in Nainital, Uttarakhand

152. When was the project tiger project launched in India?

Answer – In 1973 AD

153. Which state in India is known as Tiger State?

ANS -Madhya Pradesh

154. Which type of soil is found the most in India?

ANS- Alluvial soil

155. The red color of red soil is due to

Answer: Due to iron oxide

156. Which soil is formed by a lava flow?

ANS- Black soil

157. Which is the Kharif crop?

Answer – Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Rice, Sesame, etc.

158. Which is the Rabi crop?

Answer – Wheat, gram, peas, barley, mustard, potatoes, etc.

159. Which is the crop of Zaid?

Answer- Melon, Cucumber, Cucumber, etc.

160. What is a cash crop?

Answer – Sugarcane, rubber, tobacco, cotton, sunflower, etc.

161. Which is the major food crop of India?

Answer – Rice

162. Who is known as the father of the Green Revolution in India?

Answer- Dr. MS Swaminathan

163. What is the rank of India in the world in milk production?

Answer – 1st place

164. Who is called the father of Operation Flood related to milk production in India?

Answer- Dr. Verghese Kurien

165. In India, most of the energy is obtained from?

Ans- Thermal thermal or thermal power

166. Which is the first nuclear reactor of India and when did it start?

Answer- Apsara in 1956

167. Where did nuclear power start in India?

Answer – Tarapur, Maharashtra

168. Which is the first hydroelectric project of India and on which river?

Answer – Shivasamudram Project, on the river Kaveri.

169. When and where is the country’s first iron steel factory located?

Answer – 1875 AD Kulti in West Bengal.

170. Which is the oldest steel factory in the private sector?

Answer- Tata Iron and Steel Company or TISCO

171. In which state is the most iron ore found?

Answer – Jharkhand

172. Jawar mine is famous for which mineral?

Answer: For zinc production

173. What were the three new factories set up in the Second Plan period?

Answer – Bhilai, Durgapur, and Rourkela

174. Which is the longest National Highway in India?

Answer- NH-7 from Varanasi to Kanyakumari.

175. Which is the largest public sector undertaking in India?

ANS- Indian Railways

176. When did the first passenger train run in India?

Answer- 16 April 1853

177. When did the first electric train run in India?

Answer – 1925 AD

178. When was air transport started in India?

Answer – 1912 AD

179. At which place was the world’s first airmail service started in 1911?

Answer – Between Allahabad and Naini

180. Where is the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi?

Answer – Fursatganj, Uttar Pradesh

181. Which port is called the gateway of India?

Answer – Mumbai

 182. Which is the deepest port of India?

Answer – Gangavaram Port, Andhra Pradesh

183.Which country has the largest number of post offices in the world?

Ans- North India

184. Which is the longest platform in India?

Answer – Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

185. Which is the train running between India and Pakistan?

Answer – Samjhauta and Thar Express

186. Through which mountain range does the Konkan Railway pass?

Ans- Western Ghats

187. Which port is called the eastern gate of Indian maritime trade?

Answer – Kolkata, Haldia

188. Which port is behind the rock named Dolphin Nose?

Answer – In Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

189. With whom does the Sethusamudram project connect?

Answer – Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait

190. Which port of India is tidal?

Answer – Kandla Port

191. When was the public postal service started in India?

Answer – 1837 AD

192. When was the present postal department established?

Answer- October 1854 AD.

193. Under which Governor General’s rule was the first postage stamp introduced in India?

Answer – Lord Dalhousie

194. Which is the most populous state?

Ans – Uttar Pradesh

195. Which is the least populated state?

Ans- North Sikkim

196. Which state has the largest area?

Answer – Rajasthan

197. Which is the state with the least area?


198. Which is the state with the highest literacy?

Answer – Kerala

199. Which is the state with the lowest literacy?

Answer – Bihar

200. Which is the union territory with the highest literacy?

Answer – Lakshadweep

201. Which is the state with the lowest sex ratio?

Answer – Haryana

202. Which state has the highest sex ratio?

Answer – Kerala

203. Which is the state with the highest population density?

Answer – Arunachal Pradesh

204. Which is the union territory with the highest population density?

Ans- Delhi

205. Which is the union territory with the lowest population density?

Answer – Andaman and Nicobar

206. When did Telangana state become?

Answer – On June 2, 2014

207. When did Gujarat and Maharashtra become new states?

Answer – 1 May 1960

208. When did Haryana and Punjab become new states?

Answer – 1 November 1966

209. When was the state of Sikkim formed?

Answer: 16 May 1975

210. When was the state of Goa formed?

Answer – 30 May 1987

211. When was the state of Chhattisgarh formed?

Answer – 1 November 2000

212. When was the state of Uttarakhand formed?

Answer – 9 November 2000

213. When was the state of Jharkhand formed?

Answer – on 15 November 2000

214. When was the state of Meghalaya formed?

Answer – In 1970

215. When was the state of Himachal Pradesh formed?

Answer – In 1971

216. When were the states of Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh formed?

Answer – in 1987

217. When was the state of Nagaland formed?

Answer – 1 December 1963

218. When was Manipur, Tripura and Meghalaya given full statehood?

Answer – 21 January 1972

219. Koya tribe is related to which state?

Answer – Andhra Pradesh

220. Mizo tribe is related to which state?

Ans- Mizoram

221. In which state do Panyan and Irul tribes live?

Answer – In Tamil Nadu

222. Avo tribe is related to which state?

Ans- Assam

223. Where is the Toda tribe found?

Answer – In the Nilgiri Hills

224. Which is the largest tribe of India?

Ans- Gond

225. The tribe named Shompen is related to which state?

Answer – From Andaman and Nicobar Islands

226. To which state do the Barli and Dhodia tribes belong?

Answer – In Dadra and Nagar Haveli

 227. Chakma and Halmat are the tribes of which state?

Ans- Tripura

228. Which city is called the abode of God?

Answer – Prayag

229. Which is called the land of five rivers?

Answer – Punjab

230. Which is the longest road bridge in India?

Answer- Nehru Setu on Son river in Bihar

231. Which is the largest museum of India?

Answer – Indian Museum, Kolkata

232. Which is the longest rail tunnel in India?

Answer – Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel, 11,215 m

233. Which is the largest zoo of India?

Answer – Zoological Gardens, Alipore in Kolkata

234. Which is the largest canty lever bridge in India?

Answer – Howrah Bridge, in Kolkata

235. Which is the tallest tower of India?

Answer – In Qutub Minar, Delhi

236. Which is the largest cave temple of India and where is it?

Answer – Ellora, in Aurangabad

237. Which is the largest corridor corridor?

Answer – Rameshwaram Temple, in Tamil Nadu

238. Which is the longest canal?

Answer – Indira Gandhi Canal

239. Which is the largest river island?

Answer – Majuli Island, on the Brahmaputra River

240. Which is the highest airport?

Answer – Leh, Ladakh

241.Which is the biggest cathedral?

Ans-Saint-Cathedral, Goa

242. Which is the largest district by area?

Answer – In Kutch, Gujarat

243. Which is the highest gravitational dam?

Ans- Bhakra Dam

244. Which is the tallest statue in India?

Answer – Veer Abhay Anjaneya Hanuman in Hyderabad

245. Where is the largest cattle fair held?

Answer – In Sonpur, Bihar

246. Which is the longest tributary river?

Answer – Yamuna

247. Where is the largest Gurdwara?

Answer – Golden Temple in Amritsar

248. Which is the tallest TV tower?

Answer – Pitampura

249. Which is the longest river in India that does not form a delta?

Answer – Narmada River

250. Which is the highest altitude battle site in the world?

Answer – Siachen Glacier

251. About what percent of India’s total production is obtained from the Gondwana period coal?

Answer – 98%

252. What is the main type of coal of Gondwana period found in India?

Ans- Bituminous type

253. Which river of India crosses the Tropic of Cancer twice?

Ans- Mahi river

254. Which river is called the Ganges of South India?

Answer – Kaveri river

255. What is called Dakshin Ganga?

Ans- Godavari River

256. Which river is known as biological desert?

Ans- Damodar River

257. Who is considered the father of Geomorphology?

 Answer – Professional

258. Who is the author of the famous geographical text ‘Kitab-ul-Hind’?

Answer – Alberuni

259. Which instrument is used to measure relative humidity in air?

Answer – Hygrograph

260. Richter scale is used to measure?

Answer – Earthquake tremors

261. What is the line joining the places coming at the same time of earthquake called?

 Answer – Homosomal

262. What is the line joining places of equal magnetic inclination called?

Answer – Isogonal

263. When is the shortest distance between the Sun and the Earth?

Answer – January 3

264. Which is the second largest planet of the solar system?

Answer – Saturn

265. Which planet is farthest from the Sun?

Ans – Varun

266. Who is called the father of the solar system?

 Ans– Sun

267. What is the name of the planet which is called ‘twin sister’ of Earth?

 Ans – Venus

268. With which planet did the comet Shumaker Levy-9 collide?

Ans – Jupiter

269. What is the magnetic material found in the center of the earth?

Ans – Nickel

270. In radio-communication, where is the signal emitted by the transmitting antenna reflected?

Ans – On the troposphere

271. The most suitable soil for the cultivation of jute is?

Ans- Alluvial Soil

272. Which state is the largest producer of silk in India?

Ans– Karnataka

273. Which state produces the most of them in India?

Ans – Rajasthan

274. The climate of India is?

Ans –tropical monsoon

275. What is Talcher famous for?

Ans– For heavy water plant

276. In which year was the National Forest Policy announced for the conservation of forests?


277. Which is the largest port of India?

Ans– Mumbai

278. Which state of India is the largest producer of cardamom?

Ans- Kerala

279. Glass bangles industry is famous for?

Ans– Firozabad

280. Where is Bhabha Atomic Research Center located?

Ans- Trombay

281. Which state is the largest producer of zinc?

Ans – Rajasthan

282. In which state is the Kalpakkam Nuclear Power Plant located?

Ans – In Tamil Nadu

283. In which state is the Farakka Dam located?

Ans- West Bengal

284. Where are the largest reserves of uranium mineral found in India?

Ans– Jharkhand

285. The Union Territory of India in which three states have enclaves?

Ans – Puducherry

286. What is the name of the highest mountain peak in the Andes ranges of South America?

Ans – Aconcagua

287. Australia is the most densely settled on the banks of which river?

Ans- Murray-Darling

288. In which country are the hills named Black Hill, Blue Mountains and Green Mountains located?

Ans– In the United States America

289. Where is the largest quantity of coal found in India?

Ans- North Godwana region

290. Who discovered Greenland?

Ans: Robert Peary

291. In which country is Lake Baikal located?

Ans- in Russia

292. In which state of India is the Bhainsa Singi tribe found?

Ans – In Nagaland

293. What are the forests of the Amazon basin in Brazil called?

Ans – Selvas

294. What is called the key to the Mediterranean Sea?

Ans – Strait of Gibraltar

295. Which geographer is called the father of human geography?

Ans – Frederick Ratzel

296. What is the name of the largest island of Japan?

Ans – Honshu

297. What is the cold current flowing between Greenland and America called?

Ans – Cold Wall

298. Koderma is famous for which mineral?

Ans – for Mica

299. In which type of rocks is iron found?

Ans- Igneous Rocks

300. Where is Newmoor Island located?

Ans – Bay of Bengal

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