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Some Important Questions and Answers of History - 2022

1-Q-.  Who first introduced Europe to India?

 Ans—.  Alexander (Alexander)

 2-Q-.  What is the correct abbreviation for BC?  

   Ans-.     Before Christ

 3-Q-When did Razia Sultan die?  

     Ans— October 14, 1240

 4-Q-When did Qutubuddin Aibak founded the slave dynasty?  

Ans– 1206 AD

 5-Q- When was the Indian National Congress established?  

Ans— December 28, 1885

6-Q-Who was the founder of the Chola Empire?  

Ans – Vijayalaya Chola.  

7-Q- Which Satwana king added his mother’s name to his name? 

Ans  – Gautami’s son Shatkarni

 8-Q-The tools of which period have been found at a place called Kabra Pahar in Raigad district? 

Ans  – Middle Ages

 9 Q-Who has spread over the maximum areas in Chhattisgarh?  

Ans – Unclassified fibrous rock

 10-Q- Into how many states was northwestern India divided during Alexander’s invasion? 

Ans- 28

11-Q When did the Vikram Samvat begin?  

Ans — 57 BC

 12-Q-When was the East India Company established?  

Ans — December 31, 1600 AD

 13- Q-When did Mumtaz Mahal die?  

Ans — June 17, 1631

 14- Q- Jodhpur was founded by a Rajput in 1459, what is his name?  

Ans— Rao Jodha

 15- Q- Who was the first Governor General of Bengal?  

Ans — Lord Warren Hastings

 16- Q-Who was the first ruler of South India to issue gold coins?  

Ans – Pulkeshi II

 17- Q- By which act was the Supreme Court established at Calcutta in British India?  

Ans — Regulating Act, 1773

 18- Q- In which festival celebrated in Bastar after Deepawali is the earth worshiped?  

Ans – Mati Tihar

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