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     A lake that is completely covered with snow during the winter season. Then the summer season comes and slowly the snow starts melting. You must be thinking that what is rocket science in this?

Absolutely not! This is the law of nature.

     But, gradually the snow starts melting here, and with that hundreds of hellfires emerge. The scene of this lake is such that you will be shocked to see it. Human bones and skulls are scattered all around here. Now you must be thinking that what must have happened to such a huge amount of people, who have turned into a lake of skeletons today.


Roopkund Lake: In which hundreds of 'hell skeletons' float, what is the mystery?

     There are many theories behind this, but finally, the reason behind it has also been discovered. So let’s know the story of this lake in which hundreds of skeletons are buried-

This lake full of hell was found in 1942

    Roopkund Lake is in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is present in a small valley in the Himalayas. It is 16499 feet high on the Himalayas. It is surrounded by snow and glaciers from all sides. This lake is very deep. Its depth is about 2 meters. This lake is a center of attraction for tourists.

    There is an influx of people who are fond of exciting travel. Tourists reach here while trekking and are amazed to see the hellfires present at this place. The skeletons present in Roopkund lake were first discovered in 1942.

    It was discovered by HK Madhaval, a ranger of Nanda Devi Game Reserve. When National Geography came to know about this place, they also sent a team here. His team had discovered 30 more skeletons at this place.

Since its discovery since the year 1942, hundreds of skeletons have been found to date. Skeletons of every gender and age have been found here. Apart from this, some ornaments, leather slippers, bangles, nails, hair, meat, etc. have also been found here. which have been preserved. Let us tell you, the special thing is that many skeletons also have fractures on their heads. There are theories behind this too.

Japanese soldiers lost their way

    Many stories and legends are associated with this lake. One theory was believed that these skulls present here belong to General Zorawar Singh of Kashmir and his men. This thing is believed to be from 1841 when he was returning after the Tibet War.

   It was believed that he lost his way in the Himalayan region midway. It got even worse when the weather got worse. After which those people got stuck there and they died due to heavy hail.

   There was no place to hide even far and wide. They could not save their lives at the time of the severe storm that came in the Himalayas. There was also a story that these hellfires belonged to Japanese soldiers, who were trying to enter India.

   It was said that after this research was done on it. Which showed that these bones are not of Japanese people but they are hundreds of years old.

   Behind these skeletons, there is a story related to soldiers and war. On the other hand, the faith of the local people has been different. The local people there believe a legend related to it.

Mother Nanda Devi was cursed

According to locals, King Jasdhaval of Kannauj along with his pregnant wife Queen Balampa had gone on a pilgrimage here. Actually, he was going to see the mother in the Nanda Devi temple in the Himalayas. There was great importance in seeing Nanda Devi every 12 years.

The king went on a journey with a lot of noise, people said that despite many refusals, the king did not give up the show and he went on this journey with the drums and drums of the whole group.

It was believed that the goddess would get angry with this. The same thing happened during that time there was a very terrible and big hailstorm and blizzard, due to which the whole group including the king and queen got absorbed in the Roopkund lake. However, there is no official confirmation of this.

In a research, it was said that a group of trekkers was out there. This group was on their way when suddenly a blizzard came. During this, hail as big as a ball was raining from the sky. No one was able to escape from this terrible storm because there was no place to hide the head for 35 kilometers. Because of this people died in a rage.

Fractures have been found in people’s heads and bones. When these remains were X-rayed, it was found that there was a fracture in them. This was the reason that the theory of its hail was given. At that time it was believed that these skeletons belonged to 850AD.

Finally solved ‘skeleton puzzle’

    After so many stories and theories, finally, now scientists have discovered the secret behind it. Earlier, scientists had ended the mystery of this place on the fact that about 200 skeletons have been found in Roopkund Lake. All these skeletons belong to the time of the 9th century, which is of Indian tribals.

    Apart from this, it was said that all these people died due to heavy hail. But now scientists have concluded from research that these skeletons belong to two groups. Out of which in one group there are members of the same family. Whereas the people of other group are different, because their stature is small.

   Along with this, the scientists also said that these people have not died in any weapon or fight. All these people died due to the heavy hail hitting their heads very fast, whose size was very big. So in this way the mystery of this mysterious Roopkund lake was solved.

     Even today people consider it the best place to do adventure. If you are also a big fan of exciting travel, then this time do not forget to pack your bags and come to this place. If you know anything about this lake, then definitely share it with us in the comment box.

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