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       Hippocrates was born on the Greek island of Kos in the 5th century BC and became the most famous physician in antiquity. He founded a medical school on the island, wrote several treatises on medical matters, and, through his systematic and empirical investigation of diseases and treatments, is credited with being the founder of modern medicine.

  •     Born – in 460 BC
  •     Place of Birth – Kansas Island, Greece
  •     Died – 390 BC


Hippocrates Oath


       Hippocrates is called the father of modern medicine. The methods of disease testing, diagnosis, and treatment used.

     The foundation of modern medical science was laid on it. The oath that is taken even today after the completion of doctor’s studies. It is known as the Hippocrates Oaths

Birth of Hippocrates

What we have come to know from many ancient Greek books. According to him, Hippocrates was born on the island of Kos in Greece 460 years ago. Hippocrates’ father was the priest of the temple.

      The famous Greek philosopher Plato has discussed Hippocrates. Plato says that Hippocrates traveled far and wide. Wherever he went, he taught medicine. Until the time of Hippocrates, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases were in the hands of the priests of Aesculapius. Aesculapius was a Greek and Roman healing god. It is believed from the Puranas that Aesculapius was a perfect hand doctor. And he had the ability to bring the dead to life.

God’s displeasure

In those days disease was considered to be the result of the displeasure of the deity. Therefore, the only way out was to get rid of the disease. Offerings to the gods. If he could walk, he would walk to the temple of Aesculapius. And with the help of the priests, they were made eligible for the blessings of the gods. Many patients came back after recovering. Sometimes the priests of the temple used to give ointments or thickets. To be honest, this treatment had nothing to do with the well-being of those people.

     It is not difficult to understand this. That people must have looked at Hippocrates with suspicion. Because he had destroyed that belief. That the gods have the power to cure human beings. Yet he was clever enough not to completely oppose this belief of the people towards the gods. Earlier the oath of Hippocrates was like this – “I swear in the name of physician Apollo, Aesculapius, healing Sanjeevani and all the gods and goddesses. ,

     He tried his best to conquer disease and superstition. The flag of Hippocrates’ merit was hoisted throughout the civilized world.

Treatment of disease at the time of Hippocrates -father of surgery

      Under the oath of Hippocrates, the work of both the doctor and the surgeon has been separated. For example – I will not use a knife. This work will be assigned to the specialist. According to Hippocrates, the position of a surgeon is higher than that of a doctor. As we still believe today, Hippocrates is the father of modern medicine. His teaching was that the doctor should see the patient carefully. test it. And write down the symptoms of the disease.

     In this way, he can prepare such an article. On the basis of this, it can be decided how to treat the patient so that he gets cured.

He told some general rules for the examination of patients – what is the color of the skin of the eyes of the patients. What is the body temperature? Whether there is hunger or not, urination and urination are regular or not. All these test rules are still used by the doctor.

Hippocrates’ experiences were modern. For example, thin people usually can reduce the dosage. But the fat content in them should not be less. And obese men can increase the dosage. But the fat content in them should be less. Anxiety exhaustion and physical ailments caused by cold can be overcome by taking equal amounts of water and alcohol.

According to Hippocrates, the relationship between astrology and medicine

Hippocrates used to prepare daily details regarding the patient. And insisted to do so. He also used to make a chart related to the progress of the patient. He had knowledge about the effect of climate and season change on various diseases. For example, we are more prone to colds in winters. Keeping this fact in mind. Hippocrates realized another thing that there must be some esoteric relationship between astrology and medical science.
The result of this understanding was that the scientists of Ayurveda continued to study astrology for centuries without any valid reason. He used to lay great emphasis on the social dignity of the doctor and the faith of the general public. That she would never hesitate to tell the patients how long the disease would last. Because if his prediction turns out to be true, people will believe him more. And feel free to give yourself soap for treatment.

 Hippocratic oath

       The famous Hippocratic Oath probably appeared after the lifetime of Hippocrates and was reserved for a select group of doctors. It was actually a religious document that ensured that the doctor operated within the community and for community values. With the oath the practitioner took an oath by Apollo, Hygeia, and Panacea to honor his teacher and not to poison, not to abuse patients in any way, to use knives, or to break the secrecy between patient and doctor. Modern versions of the oath, or similar statements, are still taken today by many medical students around the world.


      Hippocrates is credited by historians with moving the subject of medicine away from an earlier supernatural and theological approach, towards a modern view of observation, classification, causes and effects, closely linked to the Greek god of healing Asclepius. was, and so on. Even though others before him, such as the Alcmeons of Croton, also began to approach medicine rationally and details of his life and work are scant, Hippocrates is known just as he was. was in ancient times. The world, as the father of modern medicine.

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