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     Many such secrets are buried in the old pages of history, which people have not been able to understand to date and even if they have come, they have never been able to forget it. In the same way, there was a queen, about whom everyone would be surprised to hear. This queen was also a serial killer as well. Yes, actually the story of this queen is something that can make people aware. Actually, this queen used to kill unmarried girls and bathe with their blood.

Biography of Elizabeth Bathory

Biography of Elizabeth Bathory-photo


Biography of Elizabeth Bathory

 Name- Elizabeth Bathory
             Hungarian Countess

Born: 7 August 1560, Nyirbetor Hungary

Died: August 21, 1614 (age 54) Slovakia
     Elisabeth Báthory, Hungarian form Báthory Erzsébet, was born on August 7, 1560, in Nyirbetar, Hungary. He died on August 21, 1614, at Kocastle Cachtis, Catchtis, Hungary [now in Slovakia]). She was a Hungarian countess who allegedly tortured and murdered hundreds of young women in the 16th and 17th centuries.

     Báthory was born into Hungary’s prominent Protestant elite. Her family controlled Transylvania, and her uncle, Stefan Bathory, was King of Poland. He was raised in the family palace in Axed, Hungary. In 1575 she married Count Ferenz Nádásdy, a member of another powerful Hungarian family, and later moved to Castle Calachtis, a wedding gift from the Nádásdi family. From 1585 to 1595, Bathory gave birth to four children.
After Nadasdi’s death in 1604, rumors of Bathory’s cruelty began to surface. Although previous accounts of the murder of peasant women were apparently ignored, there are claims in 1609 that he killed women from noble families. Her cousin, György Thurzo, Count Palatine of Hungary, was ordered to investigate by King Matthias of Hungary. The Count Palatine, after taking statements from people living in the vicinity of his estate, determined that Bathory, with the aid of his servants, tortured and killed more than 600 girls. On December 30, 1609, Bathory and his servants were arrested. In 1611 the servants were prosecuted, and three were executed. Although never tried, Bathory was confined to her cells at Castle Kachtis, there she remained until she died.

While the documents of the trial of 1611 support the charges leveled against him, modern researchers have questioned the veracity of the allegations. Bathory was a powerful woman, who was made even more under her control after Nadasdy’s death. The fact that a large debt owed to Bathory by Mathias was revoked by his family to allow them to manage his captivity suggests that the act attributed to him was politically motivated slander that made relatives lose his land. was allowed to adjust.

  The queen who bathed in women’s blood

Let us tell you that this queen was from Hungary and her name was Elizabeth Bathory. She is famous as the most dangerous and bestial female serial killer in history. From 1585 to 1610, Bathory killed more than 600 unmarried girls and bathed them in their blood. It is also believed that someone told Elizabeth to bathe unmarried girls with blood to preserve their beauty. Elizabeth loved this tactic and began to repeat it over and over again. According to the legends, she used to cut the flesh of dead girls with her teeth. Three of the Queen’s servants were accused of giving the Queen’s position in this heinous act and in the end those three servants were given the death penalty.

Queen Elizabeth Bathory belonged to the Hungarian royal family. Queen Elizabeth was married to a man named Ferenc Nadesdi, who was known as the national hero of Hungary in the war against the Turks. Elizabeth used to weave a big net for the girls to die. Being a high-profile woman, she used to invite poor girls from nearby villages to her palace and lure them to work for good money. But as soon as the girls entered the palace, they were trapped in their clutches. It is also said that when there was a drastic reduction in the number of girls in the area, he started hunting girls from high families. After this, when the King of Hungary came to know about this, he started investigating the matter. When the investigators reached Elizabeth’s palace regarding this matter, everyone was stunned to see the condition there. The investigation team found skeletons of several girls and gold and silver ornaments from Elizabeth’s palace.

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