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Why did the Government of India ban Mother Teresa Charity from receiving funds from abroad?

     Just a few days ago, the Indian government rejected the license application of the Missionaries of Charity on Christmas Day amid a wave of rising anti-Christian sentiment in India. This step shows that the Indian government is working according to Hindu fundamentalists instead of the Indian Constitution.. Read this blog to know why this happened.

 Why did the Government of India ban Mother Teresa Charity from receiving funds from abroad?

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Why did the Government of India ban Mother Teresa Charity from receiving funds from abroad?
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      Theguardian online website has described in its detailed article that this is an example of the ever-increasing intolerance towards Christians in India. Was. A few days after this incident, now the Government of India canceled the license of Mother Teresa’s charity and banned the receipt of charity from abroad.

What is Missionaries of Charity

     This organization (Missionaries of Charity) was founded in 1950 by Mother Teresa. We all know that Mother Teresa did that work in India, in which the people of India used to run away. Mother Teresa started the service of leprosy patients and her organization did this work all over India. Along with this, many educational institutions and hospitals have also been operated.. This organization runs a network of shelters all over India under the leadership of ‘nuns’ with the aim of helping the poor. But now the Government of India has refused to give license to this institution for funds received from abroad.

What did the Ministry of Home Affairs say?

   Regarding the cancellation of the license on Christmas Day, the Ministry of Home Affairs said that while considering the license, such inputs were received which were unfavorable to this institution.

    Conversion is mainly attributed to the disapproval of this application. Because recently, radical Hindu organizations had accused Hindu girls of forcibly converting to religion in a house in Baroda, Gujarat. It was not even two weeks since that incident and the institution was banned from receiving foreign funds.

The charity was accused of “luring” poor Hindu young women to become Christians by asking them to read Christian texts and participate in Christian prayers. This organization has completely denied all these allegations.

  Some radical Hindu organizations complained to the police that “the Missionaries of Charity deliberately indulge in incidents of hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus”. The incident of conversion in Baroda (Gujarat) is being told as the main reason behind it. According to the news, “In the house where Hindu girls used to gather, those girls wore crosses around their necks and were being lured to convert to Christianity.. At the same time they were being forced to sit and read the Bible. The government has considered it a crime of forced conversion.

 Charity organization cleaning on these allegations

     The spokesperson of the Missionaries of Charity refuted all these allegations and said that the organization has never indulged in such activities and all these allegations are baseless and made to defame the organization. We have not converted any community or individual, nor forced any girl (as alleged by this institution) to marry in Christianity.”

The allegation comes amid a wave of religious hatred (intolerance) violence against Christianity, which has been blamed on the institution for forced conversion of Hindus by right-wing hardline Hindus or fanatical nationalists across India.

     Christian missionaries and clergy have been attacked and church work has been disrupted in recent months.

    On Christmas day, anti-Christian rioters attacked the Christian community in many places and a statue of Jesus Christ was also vandalized.

Now behind the rejection of the license of the institution by the Government of India, people have attributed this action of the Government of India to hatred towards Christians. His direct allegation is on the intolerance of “BJP”.

Does the government want to rein in the opponents?

The Guardian has written alleging that the Narendra Modi-led Government of India has put a tight rein on non-governmental (NGO) organizations receiving funds from abroad, especially those that criticize the government. Among such organizations are ‘Amnesty International and Greenpeace’, whose claims have been frozen by the government and both these organizations are critical of the policies of Narendra Modi.

  On Monday, the Mother Teresa Charity (Missionaries of Charity) confirmed that the government had rejected her renewal application, adding that the organization would not use any foreign funding accounts until the matter was resolved.

     Is India heading towards radicalization?

    The above incident is definitely disappointing as it is an organization which has helped lakhs of poor Indians. But the way the Indian government has given a chance to develop bigotry, not only Christians but Hindus are also being victimized, even recently the kind of things they have spoken against Muslims from the political forum gathered in the name of Parliament of Religions. We cannot say how it will prove fatal for the unity and integrity of this country. How lies and hatred are being spread towards the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was openly abused by a saint (so called) from a religious platform and the government kept watching as a mute spectator.

  Will such an image of India be created abroad that now this country will have what these fundamentalists want?

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