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 50 very important questions and answers of general knowledge history


1- Tarun Stree Sabha was established in which state of IndiaCalcutta.


50 very important questions and answers of general knowledge history

2- What is the place of Rajasthan in the production of salt – Fourth.

3- Simon Commission is known by another name – White Man Commission

4- What should be the minimum age to be a member of Rajya Sabha – 30 years.

5- How many subjects are included in the Union List at present – 98

6- From which country has the provision related to the Vice-President been adopted in the Constitution? —- From the US Constitution.


7-Who was the first Speaker of Lok Sabha?– G.V. Mavalankar, M. Ananthasayanam.

8- How much is the term of the members of the Rajya Sabha – 6 years

9- In the Indian Constitution, the President has been taken from which country the powers related to Fundamental Rights during the Emergency – Germany

10- Which season is called Chaumasa – Rainy season.

11- Veer Bhoomi is the burial place of which politician — Rajiv Gandhi.

12- How many subjects were there in the state list when the constitution came into force — 66

13- Which Iranian invader is called Iranian Napoleon – Nadir Shah

14- Who was the founder of Chauhan dynasty – Vasudev


15- When was the first Round Table Conference held – September 1930.

16- When Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was started— 1989

17- Which state receives the maximum gold in India – from Karnataka.

18- Where was the first paper making factory established in India – 1716 in Trunkwar

19- Who is called the father of Turkey — Mustafa Kamalpasha

20- Yamini Krishnamurthy is related to which art field – Bharatanatyam.

21- Who appoints the ambassadors to be appointed abroad – President.


22- Who first called Subhash Chandra as Netaji – Adolf Hitler

23- The Directive Principles of Policy in the Indian Constitution have been taken from the constitution of which country — Ireland

24- Which Mughal ruler got the Bhagwat Geeta, Yogavasistha, Upanishad and Ramayana translated into Persian—Dara Shikoh

25- When was the Constituent Assembly of India formed – July 1946


26- When was the Shimla Agreement –1972

27- On which river is the Ganga Sagar Project – Chambal River (Madhya Pradesh)

28- The process of law making in the Indian Constitution, single citizenship and parliamentary system of government has been taken from which country – from Britain.

29- When was Queen Victoria awarded the title of ‘Kaiser-e-Hind’ —-Delhi Durbar- 30 January 1879.

30- Which Mughal emperor gave the title of Raja to Raja Ram Kohan Rai — Akbar II.

31- Who established the Mayo College in Ajmer – Lord Mayon.

32- Which freedom fighter gave the slogan ‘Jai Hind’ – Subhash Chandra Bose.

 33-Who was the first Governor General of independent India — Lord Mountbatten.

34- By whom was the tobacco plant brought to India — by the Portuguese.

35- Who was the founder of the Chalukya dynasty of Gujarat – Mulraj I.

36- Who is called Akbar of Kashmir – Zainul Abdin.

37- By which act the age of marriage of girls was raised from 13 to 18 – Sharda Act 1930.

38- Who founded the Khalsa Panth – Guru Govind Singh.

39- Which Mughal ruler was called ‘Lumpt fool’ – Jahandar Shah.

40- Who founded scouting — Wyden Powell

41- How many subjects have been kept in the current concurrent list —- 52

42- What was the real name of Tatya Tope — Ramchandra Pandurang

43- Where were the Red Indians from — America.

44- Who was the President of the Flag Committee — Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the President of the

 National Flag Committee, while J. B. Kripalani was the chairman of the flag committee, this is because the flag was first designed and then accepted as the national flag.

45-Fundamental rights in the Indian Constitution were taken from the constitution of which country — America’s.

46- To whom is the Council of Ministers collectively responsible — to the Lok Sabha.

47- Who established Anand Van – Baba Amte.

48- By what name is Aurangzeb known – Zinda Pir.

49- Which British Governor General was addressed with the name of India Redeemer – Lord Ripon.

50- Which Indian supported General Dyer in the Jallianwala Wagh massacre — Hansraj 

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