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This Monday, March 20, the International Day of Happiness is being celebrated all over the world. Do you want to know, how it happened and why it happened? In this article, we will tell you the history of Happy Day, why it is celebrated? and ways to be happy. must read the article till the end.

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Happiness Day: Why is it celebrated today on March 20, importance, ways to be happy


This Monday, March 20, is a very special day because it marks the International Day of Happiness, a commemoration declared by the United Nations Organization (UN). Let us know how this day came and why it came.

March 20: International Day of Happiness

It’s a day to be happy naturally! Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness to recognize the important role it plays in the lives of people around the world.

In 2015, the United Nations launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals that aim to end poverty, reduce inequality and protect our planet. Three essential aspects contribute to guaranteeing well-being and happiness.

Happiness Day: Why is it celebrated on March 20

On March 20, the International Day of Happiness is observed, a symbolic date declared by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of happiness as an integral part of the development and well-being of all human beings.

In turn, it also celebrates inclusiveness and therefore expects all governments of the world to take this into account as part of their social and economic policies, thus leading to true equality and collective well-being.

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Why and how is it celebrated on 20 March?

Perhaps few people know that the International Day of Happiness originated in the Kingdom of Bhutan. More than forty years ago, the king of this small Asian country proposed it at the United Nations. When he was 16, the young king of Bhutan wanted his government to contribute to the happiness of his people and decided to invent the concept of gross national happiness (GNF), an indicator that is used today as a supplement around the world. is used as.

gross domestic product (GDP). How is the GNB of a company measured? Assessing aspects such as psychological well-being, time use, community vitality, culture, health, education, environmental diversity, the standard of living, and government. And, although on a collective level happiness, today falters more than it did three years ago, on an individual level, it is always important to align ourselves with it. And, as experts say, it is necessary to look for it in the right place. And there are three basic considerations that must be handled:

how to celebrate a happy day

Increase your self-esteem. Take advantage of this day to do something you love or simply introduce something new into your life, such as a change that will improve your appearance and your self-esteem.

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Learning to Forgive: Learning to forgive yourself and others for your mistakes is a healthy way of living. When we forgive, we can feel joy and satisfaction within and the burden becomes less heavy. It helps us to be happy.

Enjoy the company of positive people: When we are surrounded by people with a positive outlook towards life, in a certain way, we get infected with the same energy. We see the world and everything around us differently and our desire to live and be happy increases.

Go out and do some kind of sport. Exercising a sport is known to be a great way to release endorphins, which once activated create a pleasant feeling of happiness and well-being.

Live in the present and be grateful: Learning to be grateful isn’t just for what is enjoyed in the present. Worrying about what happened or will happen takes up a lot of time and doesn’t allow us to enjoy the benefits of daily life.

International Day of Happiness, 15 ways to be happy amid pandemic and war

Today, on 20 March, the International Day of Happiness is celebrated. A day that not only provides us with the opportunity, not only to reflect on the importance of the universal right to happiness but also to seek it in our own lives. We bring you 15 ideas or ideas to look at in the right place.

Today, on a day like March 20, 2022, it is more important than ever to talk about happiness. With this international day declared by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of happiness in human development and well-being comes a pandemic and a war. An idea that inspires the work of many intellectuals, leaders, and happiness scholars such as the Israeli Tal Ben-Shahar or the Danish Meek Viking.

First, that happiness is not in success, but that success is the result of happiness.

Second, that we cannot be happy all the time, because there are moments of sadness in life.

And third, happiness is an attitude and it is very easy to find it in the little things.

So, to celebrate this International Day of Happiness, we propose to you thirty ideas that will contribute that giving us little moments of happiness or well-being and a healthy attitude that aligns you with happiness.

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15 Tips and Tricks to Stay Happy

Get close to nature.

Choose a place in the middle of nature – a forest, a meadow, a lake … – and visit regularly. Walk, Hear, See, Feel… Don’t be distracted by searching for a great photo to upload to your Instagram.

It is about connecting with the natural environment by activating all five senses. Did you know that nature has the power to activate our sensory world in the right amounts? Turn that space into your own natural spa.

Surround yourself with order and cleanliness.

Its effect on our well-being is great. Isn’t it sublime to lie on clean sheets? Or take a rose-scented bath? Don’t you feel better after cleaning your wardrobe or bag? Children are very sensitive to order and cleanliness, even when they are sick. This tells us that his presence generates well-being and peace.

Be grateful for what life gives you.

This means putting on special glasses to count the number of things that make us happy: our family, a good meal, that it’s sunny today, new shoes, and being able to go to work … Diary writing also became fashionable. It is of gratitude. This might be a good idea!

Take action, commit

Doing something meaningful with other people can lift our mood. There are many initiatives to help take care of other people living alone, to care for and preserve the environment, and to bring culture closer to everyone… Participating in this type of charitable initiative boosts our spirit and our happiness. Is.

Enjoy your friends while you can.

Spending time with them is one of the main sources of happiness. Aristotle already said that. Appreciation, understanding, and companionship are a gifts. Of course, remember that true friendships are real. As Tal Ben-Shahar says, a hundred friends on a social network can never replace a friend in real life.

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Go ahead!

Physical exercise is a great catalyst for our well-being. From walking to practicing a sport and, moreover, giving up a sedentary life. We practically spend more than 8 hours in front of the computer without moving. Try to organize so that this does not happen to you.

Try to lead an active life, at least every hour: take a walk, do some push-ups… go ahead! When you do this, you activate your endorphins and they make you feel better.

Set small goals and achieve them

It is the dynamism of following something simple and achieving it. For example: making a new recipe and enjoying it later, going out looking for mushrooms and coming back with a basket, reaching a goal in your favorite sport… Small achievements activate our happiness…

Make your home a comfortable place

Feeling that our home is our shelter is vital to our well-being. Light candles (hygiene advice), look for comfortable and warm clothes, colors that inspire you… Your home should not be an image of trends, but an image of yourself, your likes, your preferences, and a place to enjoy. The people you love most: Your family.

Smile more

Smile has superpowers and we are not always aware of it. According to the latest advances in neurobiology, smiling activates happiness at the brain level. Somehow, your body tells your mind that you are happy. Your brain responds by activating that emotion. Furthermore, when you smile, you transmit that energy to the people around you because your mind gets infected by the mind of the people you interact with. Yes, smiling is a very powerful weapon.

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Take care of yourself.

If there’s anything that positively affects our psychological well-being and happiness, it’s being kind to ourselves. To our body and to our mind. That kindness means letting go of the tendency to judge ourselves and, on the contrary, replacing it with an understanding of what is happening to us and, if necessary, trying to improve it. Taking care of your body is accepting it the way it is and loving it so that it stays healthy.

Taking care of your mind isn’t so much asking too much of yourself, it’s forgiving yourself and believing in yourself. Try to remember this thought while you shower every day and make it a bit of a habit.

Enjoy your work by finding moments to focus on it without distractions.

When we work this way, it becomes easier for us to devote one hundred percent to something, our job satisfaction level increases and so does our productivity. It’s a good idea to take time each day to enjoy this way of working, with no calls, no meetings, just your work and you.

Cultivate a small piece of land in your garden, on your terrace, or on your balcony.

Contact with the earth and plants has proved to be a powerful concern for our daily lives. Watching our plants grow, taking care of them, and working with our hands are all activities that increase our well-being and our concentration.

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Absolute Priority: Sleep Well

All the efforts you make in this regard will contribute to your happiness. The rest of our body and mind is even more important than food. Go to bed every day when you feel sleepy, and if you’re having trouble falling asleep, try some of our recommended tricks: Breath in your belly, focus on a relaxing landscape…

Do you know that remembering happy moments activates our happiness?

Our brain is capable of reproducing the same physical and mental sensations that you experienced in that happy moment. Therefore, it is very useful to surround yourself with objects that bring you happy memories such as photographs, travel memories, etc… Give them a place in your home and have them when you need to activate your well-being. Come back to him.

Take a break from technology, shopping…

Everything we do compulsively throws us off balance emotionally and makes us feel anxious. Use your mobile and consume what you need but avoid doing it in a disorderly manner. Instead, make those moments special because they are not a 24-hour routine. To overcome anxiety, learn to detach yourself from them.


On the occasion of Happy Day, you can bring happiness in your life by adopting the above measures. To be happy, it is necessary that you should give up ego and jealousy from within. Happiness doesn’t just come from position and prestige, but it comes from your inner thinking and thoughts. An arrogant person and a jealous person can never be happy in life. So be happy in your life and make life meaningful,

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