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According to a scientific survey, the world's most beautiful women in 2022

As is the case with lists of the most beautiful men, the golden ratio has been used to determine who are the most beautiful women.

Often people search on the internet who is the most beautiful woman in the world. What should they be considered? Everything is subjective, and in the end, beauty is in the eyes of everyone who sees it. Who may be the most beautiful person in the world to you, may not be of interest to the other.

But for now, it looks like we’re going to get an “official” list that takes science and art as a reference, which says everything is reduced to faction proportions. But how can you know?

As was the case with the Most Handsome Men list, plastic surgeon Julian de Silva has used an algorithm and the famous golden number, which determines golden ratio perfection, or what is equal.

According to this 1,618 points are the best thing in the universe and if we measure the distance between different points, like in this case eyes, forehead, chin, etc. The people who come closest to that figure in percentage terms would be the most beautiful women in the world.

Well, the most beautiful among those selected by the surgeon, because there are millions of them in the world and certainly as beautiful, or more so, than these Hollywood stars.

The list for 2022 includes celebrities such as Beyoncé, Zendaya, or Ariana Grande, but the most beautiful has become one of the public’s favorite actresses of the past year thanks to the hit series Killing Eve. Yes, Jodie Comer is the prettiest of 2022.

However, it should be remembered, as with the male list, that in order to be attractive it is not just the exterior that counts. The way of being, the humor, our habits… everything matters and, in the end, becomes more important. that’s for sure.

According to a scientific survey, the world’s most beautiful women in 2022

Jodie Comer – 94.52%

Jodie Comer


Zendaya – 94.37%


Bella Hadid – 94.35%


Bella Hadid

Beyoncé – 92.44%


Beyoncé -

Ariana Grande – 91.81%


Ariana Grande

Taylor Swift – 91.64%


Taylor Swift

Jourdan Dunn – 91.39%


Jourdan Dunn

Kim Kardashian – 91.28%


Kim Kardashian

Deepika Padukone – 91.22%


Deepika Padukone

Hyeon Jung – 89.63%


Hyeon Jung

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