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Video. Johnny Hallyday meets his biggest fan five years after his death

Video. Johnny Hallyday meets his biggest fan five years after his death

In Charlieu in the Loire, Nathalie is an unconditional admirer of Johnny Hallyday. For the 5th anniversary of the singer’s death, this December 5, 2022, she is also entitled to a privilege: to listen to the artist’s songs on a loop at her workplace.

For some, the fifth anniversary of Johnny Hallyday’s death on December 5, 2022, is an opportunity to revisit some of his titles. For Nathalie, the playlist is the same as ever, except she has one privilege right now: to loop Johnny’s songs in her workshop at the Letol factory in Charleau in the Loire.

This lady is an unconditional fan of the singer. He is literally carrying Johnny Hallyday’s memory upon himself. “I have a ring in Johnny’s likeness, a small bracelet in Heart Strength, a pendant, and then a tattoo with his initials. It’s clearly love, and the more it’s love the more love it is. Love. He is the second man in my life. The first was my father and the second was Johnny,” she said.

Johnny’s two days on the loop per year

She learns that not everyone shares her opinion of Jean-Philippe Smet, but Nathalie doesn’t care what others think. “Some people understand, some don’t, but I don’t care,” she laughs. This is the case of her colleague, who says, in a very serious tone, that he is in a hurry to go home not to listen to Johnny Hallyday’s hits anymore because Nathalie has the right to listen to Johnny Hallyday’s hits twice a year at her workplace. : December 5 and June 15 (birthday of Jean-Philippe Smet). “I try to drag people along with me into my delirium, but it doesn’t work,” admits Nathalie, who is revamping her playlist with her favorite title: Something from Tennessee.

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