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Narayan Murthy Biography, Age, Early life, Career, wife, child, Net Worth, and all the unknown facts
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Narayan Murthy Biography, life, wife, child, and all the unknown facts

A great man in the IT industry, a founder of Infosys company, and is known as the Father of the Indian IT technology industry. He is born in a city named Shidlaghatta, Karnataka, India in  1946. Today we are going to know about the amazing facts and success story of “Narayan Sir”.

Earlier Life and Education of Narayan Murthy?

His full name is Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy but in short famous or known as NRN or Narayan Murthy. His birthday is celebrated on 20th August 1946. A man from Mysore, India.


He belongs to a middle-class Indian family and faces difficulties in completing his studies such as some financial issues. But he did hard work and gives out brilliant performances during his studies in childhood.


Narayana Murthy received his Bachelor’s degree in  EE  from the University of Mysore and went on to pursue his Master’s at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. 

Who is the wife and children of Narayan?

His wifey, Sudha Murthy, is a businesswoman, instructor, author, and speaker of the Infosys Foundation.

Murthy has two children, a son, Rohan Murty, and a son, Akshata Murty. In June 2013, Rohan joined Infosys as an administrative adjunct to his father. He left Infosys in June 2014. In 2009, Akshata married Rishi Sunak, who latterly came MP for Richmond, Yorkshire, and also Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in October 2022.

What motivated Narayan Murthy to become an Entrepreneur?

   In his early times, Murthy participated in strong leftist values but this all changed on a train trip in 1974. While passing through Nis, a city bordering Serbia and Bulgaria, Narayan discussed with a woman who only spoke French on the train.

Still, this upset the boy accompanying her who got the police involved. The police in Bulgaria arrested Murthy, removed his passport and luggage, and also dragged him onto the platform.

Murthy spent the posterior 72 hours in what he describes as an 8X8 cell with primitive restroom installations. One would at a minimum anticipate civil treatment in these circumstances but Murthy was also denied any food or drink during these 72 hours.

He was eventually released and Murthy recalls the guards stating, “ Look, you are from a friendly country called India, so we’re letting you go but we’ll give you your passport when you reach Istanbul. ”

Murthy wondered if he would ever want to live in a communist country and if it treated its friends badly, then he wouldn’t want to live there.

 This all changes his mind to become a self-dependent person or entrepreneur.

Narayan and Sudha’s Residence & way of lifestyle

1. He stays like a common man. Narayan and his family live in the same flat in which they started their company named Infosys. . He could fluently stay at a  manse, but he doesn’t. The only service after his success is the number of books they’ve at home. One of his  words,’ The real power of money is in giving it down.’  

2. He cleans his own restroom. He cleans his plate after his meals. Great sense of dignity at work.  

3. Infosys is his child. I’ve seen him personally take care of small effects like the electrical workshop at cafeterias in the Mysore lot.  

4. Norway ever backhanders, have high ethics. In the early stages of Infosys, the company had to import a computer for a certain design. The customs people weren’t releasing without a  fix. numerous people advised Murthy to let go, anyways they were losing plutocrats in the form of penalties. Murthy stayed adamant. Eventually, the customs guys gave up and transferred the computer without any fix. Also, every time Infy imports commodities, it gets a quick delivery without any fix.

Narayan Murthy’s Professional Career, Achievements & Growth

Murthy first worked as an exploration associate under a faculty at IIM Ahmedabad and also latterly as the principal systems programmer. There he worked on India’s first time- participating computer system and designed and enforced a Drive practitioner for Electronics Corporation of India Limited. He started a company named Softronics. When that company failed after about a time and a half, he joined Patni Computer Systems in Pune.


Murthy mentions that being arrested and expelled for no good reason during the communist period in 1974 in a border city between the Yugoslav- Bulgarian border, turned him into a” compassionate plutocrat” from a” confused leftist/ socialist”, leading him to produce Infosys. Murthy and his six software professionals innovated Infosys in 1981 with an original capital investment of Rs,000, which was handed by his Wife Sudha Murthy.

Murthy was the CEO of Infosys 21 times from 1981 to 2002 and was succeeded by co-founder Nandan Nilekani. At Infosys, he articulated, designed, and enforced a global delivery model for IT services outsourcing from India. He was the board president from 2002 to 2006, after which he also became the principal tutor. In August 2011, he retired from the company, taking the title of president emeritus.


What is the net worth of Narayan & Sudha  Murthy?

As of October 2022, his net worth was estimated to be $4.50 billion, making him the 654th richest person in the world in 2022 according to a Forbes survey.


Sudha Murthy,( Infosys Chairman N.R. Narayana Murthy’s woman ) is estimated to be around Rs 775 crore( Rs7.75 billion), while Rohini Nilekani( woman of Infosys CEO Nandan Nilekani) has a net worth of Rs 675 crore( Rs6.75 billion).

FAQ’s to be asked About Murthy

Q-1. Who is Narayan Murthy?

Ans. Narayan Murthy is the founder of Infosys company and an Indian Billionaire businessman. Known as the father of ‘ Indian IT technology.

Q-2. Where does Narayan Murthy live?

Ans. He lives in Bangalore, Karnataka in the same flat where he started his first company Infosys.

Q-3. What are the Awards given to  Narayan Murthy?

Ans. A tremendous Indian awards “Padma Vibhusan (2008)”, “Legion of Honour (2008)”, “And Padma Shri (2000)”.

Q-4. Who are the children of  Narayan Murthy?

Ans. He has a daughter named Akshata Murthy and a son named Rohan Murthy.

Q-5. To whom is Narayan Married?

Ans. Sudha Murthy is the half-partner of Narayan Murthy in real life and business.

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