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 Kpop boy band BTS or Bangtan Boys have finally been approved to perform at ‘national level’ events during their military service time. However, they still need to complete mandatory military service for adult Korean men.

According to news reports from South Korea, the Defense Ministry confirmed on Tuesday that BTS members RM, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga, Jin, Tae Hyung and Jung Kook can participate in ‘national level’ events for the public good.


Big Hit Music (a part of hybe labels), the record label of BTS, confirmed in their official statement that Jin will be the first one to leave for the service. Jin will start the enlistment process soon after his solo, ‘The Astronaut’ releases on 28th October. 

 Similarly, the other members of the boy band will also initiate their mandatory service as per their personal plans soon.

What is mandatory military service in South Korea? 


According to the mandatory South Korean law, every physically fit male above the age of 18 are required to serve in the military for atleast 18- 21 months or 1.5 – 2 years. This law can be delayed until the age of 28. However, the ‘South Korean National Assembly’ granted special permission to the BTS members to delay their military service till the age of 30. This is duty intended to maintain the country’s ability to defend against a possible attack by North Korea, with which it is technically still at war since there are still threats from North Korea. This law is an exception for women. 

What are the dates when bts members will serve in the military? When will they come back? When will the members re-unite?


Full Name Stage Name Begin to serve   Return from the service

Kim Seok-Jin

Jin       December, 2022    June, 2024
Min Yoongi Suga    March, 2023    September, 2024
Jung Hoseok J-Hope    February, 2024    August, 2025
Kim Namjoon RM    Feb/ June, 2024           December, 2025
Park Ji-Min Jimin    June, 2024    December, 2025
Kim Tae-Hyung V    June, 2024    December, 2025
Jeon Jung-kook JK    June, 2024    December, 2025    


According to the sources, the members will re-unite by the year 2025 or 2026

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