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Tonight, Ninho will be the youngest artist to fill La Défense Arena, a new record on his list-At the age of 26, it didn’t take long for Ninho to establish himself on the French scene and collect records. After an exceptional concert at the Accor Arena, Ninho sees even bigger. The artist is performing this evening in the largest indoor venue in Europe: La Défense Arena in Nanterre. Thus, he becomes the youngest artist to fill this mythical room.

Tonight, Ninho will be the youngest artist to fill La Défense Arena, a new record on his list



As Orelsan’s documentary series “Do not show it to anyone” showed, it often takes many years for an artist to meet his audience. But Ninho is one of the geniuses who don’t wait. His debut album As Expected only took a few months to be certified double platinum and it was only the beginning of a series of mind-blowing successes. On this subject, we can mention his mixtape M.I.L.S 2.0 whose title “Un Poco” has 50 million streams as well as his album Destin which is the first diamond disc of the artist.

In 2021, it is with the album Jefe that Ninho returns to the front of the stage, an unreleased album of fifteen tracks without any collaboration. In barely a week, it downgrades SCH and PNL with an exceptional start. Currently, it ranks second among the best-selling albums of 2022, just behind Civilization d’Orelsan. It is to defend the last titles that he has been traveling around France since April. And could we hope for a better conclusion to this tour than a concert at La Défense Arena?

In addition, many records still await Ninho. Moreover, Booba had fun in reaction to a tweet from Ninho’s right arm, Tito, suggesting that the young artist would perform at the Stade de France next year. Indeed, the Duke of Rap commented, “But no Jefe. Not that ! Not 4 days after my Stade de France! You have to let the old savor you too. What an announcement that really is!“. So, the question remains: what will Ninho’s next record be?

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