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Reality TV star Sara Fresso married for the fourth time: “Hopefully it’s right this time”-Reality TV star Sara Fresso has married for the fourth time. She posted a picture on Instagram with her husband Mehdi on Saturday 17 September 2022. Internet users started criticizing him immediately after this announcement.

Reality TV star Sara Fresso married for the fourth time: “Hopefully it’s right this time”


Even before this, reality TV candidate Sarah Fresso had three marriages, all of which ended in failure, so at the age of 29, she said “yes” for the fourth time. It was on Mehdi’s arm that La Fresse posted a photo on Saturday, September 17, 2022, with the following caption: “I SAY YES! Hope it’s right this time”.

A love story that lasted for a year

In July 2022, Sarah Fraisou changed her fellow nickname “Frequency” to “Sarah Fraisou Presents You Frequency!!!!” Presented in a video call. A love story that has already lasted a year, as explained by the reality TV star. Originally from Cannes in the Alps-Maritimes, the 28-year-old was serious about her beauty routine.

But Internet users were quick to harshly criticize Mehdi as “the boy at Patrrrr the boy Sarah Fressou looks like her younger brother”. It would seem that the criticism has not reached the couple, who, without hesitation appearing on social networks, are more in love than ever. It is therefore in Tunisia, the country of origin of the lovers, that the celebration of religious marriage took place in an intimate setting. It is, surrounded by family and friends, that Sara Choikh says “yes” to her real name.

A religious wedding

If the symbolic reality TV candidate ordered her relatives not to break this religious ceremony, she announced the broadcast on her YouTube channel. In the comments, Internet users, let go: “I have a feeling it’s already seen the pictures there”, “congratulations is even more tired”, “we can divorce 1 time but not 15 #jefftuches “, “Go see you next year”. The one who made herself famous in The Princess of Love seems to have found her prince charming and left behind the shock of her love, especially with Malik and Ahmed.

In April 2022, Sara Fresso filed a complaint against her ex, Ahmed Haroon, for domestic violence and published a clear message: “Today I’m doing my life, I have my friends, I have my darlings, I move on.” Now you have to know how to accept it and leave me alone, you have already done me a lot of harm (…)

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