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Did Drunk Bhagwant Mann delay the international flight?

Opposition parties influx on reports of the attack on Punjab Chief Minister

And he’s reportedly at it again.

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann dropped from flight in Germany in an inebriated condition


Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann dropped from flight in Germany in an inebriated condition

The problems of Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann are not taking the name of stopping. Now, reports that he was asked to deboard a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Delhi “because he was drunk, sparked a major controversy,” reports

The opposition parties are behind him saying that he has brought shame to the country.

However, the Aam Aadmi Party has denied such allegations, calling them a ploy to defame the Punjab CM.

On Sunday, Mann was to take a flight from Frankfurt at 1.40 pm, which was already running late. The plane took off at 4.30 pm and Mann had to take another flight on Monday.

Mann’s team said that he was unwell, so his return to Delhi was delayed.

The AAP also shared a statement from Lufthansa, which said its flight “departed late from plan” due to a “delayed flight and a plane change”.

However, Mann’s political opponents alleged that he was drunk.

“Disturbing media reports quoting co-passengers said that Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann was deboarded from a Lufthansa flight because he was intoxicated and unable to stand on his feet. And this resulted in a 4-hour flight. was delayed.

He missed your national convention. These reports have embarrassed and shamed Punjabis across the world,” tweeted SAD leader Sukhbir Singh Badal.

The Congress too rubbished reports to attack Mann.

The party shared the news on Twitter quoting a passenger on a Delhi-bound Lufthansa flight in Frankfurt.

A passenger who witnessed the incident said, “Mann was unsteady on his feet and was staggering as he had consumed an excessive amount of alcohol and had to take the help of his wife and accompanying security personnel to move. “

AAP spokesperson Malvinder Singh Kang said, “The Chief Minister returned as scheduled on September 19. All these social media reports are propaganda. The opposition is furious as Mr. Mann is effectively getting some investment from his foreign trip… You can also watch with Lufthansa Airlines.”

The airline said during the incident, “Our flight from Frankfurt to Delhi was delayed due to a change of flight. For data security reasons, we do not provide any information about individual passengers.”

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