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You are not unaware that GTA 6 is the victim of a huge leak that results in the posting of around forty videos of the game in alpha versions intended for developers. Here’s what we know about where these leaks came from and what they tell us about the game.


GTA 6: All about the huge leak (characters, origins, location…)

GTA 6: All about the huge leak (characters, origins, location…)

Please note that this information is obviously to be taken with a grain of salt and that we will not post any leaked images or videos. If you don’t want to know the details of the game’s content at all, we advise you to stop there since the elements logically contain spoilers. Also, remember that this is a version still in development, and therefore far from being in a state intended for the public.

The origin of the leak

First of all, it would seem that the gameplay videos are from builds dating from between 2019 and 2021. We can indeed note real differences in terms of graphics depending on the videos in terms of details, textures, or even in the modeling of faces. However, keep in mind that these images are not at all representative of the final game. Regarding the origin of this leak, it would probably come from a hacker who hacked into the Slack account of one of Rockstar’s employees. As a reminder, Slack is a communication platform widely used by companies to manage various online projects.

Towards a postponement of the game?

The person behind this leak also claims to have access to the GTA VI source code. To sum up, roughly, the source code gives access to all the elements of a game and its manufacturing processes (including details on how the title was coded). This valuable information makes it easier, for example, to hack or mod. In an even more serious case, let’s imagine for example that GTA VI has an online mode similar to GTA V, this could very easily open the way to many “cheats”.

Especially for a structure like Rockstar, this leak could have serious consequences for development and therefore drastically delay the release of the game.

The information we learn from these leaks

In this gaggle of videos, we mainly see test phases for the animations (like covering up or crouching), some dialogues, and above all a list of elements giving some indications of the content. However, it is difficult to sort it out. We can nevertheless confirm some information provided by Jason Schreier via Bloomberg some time ago:

  • We will have two protagonists: a male character and a female character of Latin origin. According to these leaks, they would therefore be called Jason and Lucia.
  • An excerpt in a subway confirms that we will be back in Vice City.
  • A police car tells us that “Port Gellhorn” will be a new area of ​​the city.
  • The game takes place well after 2013 since, during a dialogue between NPCs, the death of Jay Norris is mentioned. Norris was the CEO of Life Invader, a caricature of Facebook in GTA V. His assassination was also one of the main missions of the game.


With this last point, we can then consider connections between GTA 5 and GTA 6 via the return of several characters including possibly Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Regarding the gameplay, we do not learn much new since the main mechanics of the game are now well known (gunfight, chase, burglary, etc.).

However, what was said about interiors in the open world, namely more exploration at this level, seems to be a reality. In the game files, we can notably read (possibly random events or story mode) a warehouse full of sex robots, a satanic house, or a mansion called “Big Cat Mansion”.

In terms of gameplay, we see that GTA 6 uses a structure similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, especially in terms of physics. At one point, we can observe drop tests very similar to Rockstar’s Western. Other tests also seem to indicate that we can again squat at will and even crawl.

This news is naturally disastrous because it is not under these conditions that we hoped to discover this long-awaited new opus. Obviously, the hacker would have even more resources on GTA 6, which suggests that the soap opera is far from over. We can imagine that Rockstar will soon speak officially, to warn players or make an appointment for a first trailer. We will of course keep you informed.

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