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Daughter’s Day 2022: When, Why, and How to Celebrate Daughter’s Day? Photos, Quotes, and Shayari Status Images


Daughter's Day 2022 Photos: When and why do we celebrate Daughter's Day? Shayari & Quotes

Daughter’s Day 2022 Photos: When and why do we celebrate Daughter’s Day? Shayari & Quotes


Daughter’s Day 2022: You all know what was the condition of girls in Indian country a few years ago. Talking about the sex ratio in India a few years ago, the number of girls was very less in comparison to boys and there was a trend of killing daughters in the womb.

But today the time has changed completely, today people give as much respect to daughters as they want for their sons. Today daughters have reached the moon, be it any area, daughters have shown their stamina and told that they are not less than anyone.

And today is the day to express love to those daughters, which is celebrated as National Daughter Day and this day is especially for daughters.

  • Name: National Daughter’s Day
  • when:25 September 2022
  • Date: Fourth Sunday of September
  • Objective: To give equal rights and respect to the daughters in the society, to eliminate dowry and other evils.
  • Next time: 24 September 2023

Daughters Day 2022: When is Daughter’s Day celebrated?

Every year the fourth Sunday of September is celebrated as Daughter’s Day. This year in 2022, this day is being celebrated on 25 September.

Gifts and gifts are given to them on the day of Daughters Day and the whole day is celebrated well.

There is no mention in the history of the beginning of the celebration of Daughters Day. Nor is there any day marked that marks the beginning of Daughter’s Day.

Celebrated for daughters, this day is celebrated on different days in different countries. But, World Daughters Day is celebrated on 28 September.

Dates of Daughter’s Day in 2023, 2024, 2025

  •     22 September 2019 (Sunday)
  •     27 September 2020 (Sunday)
  •     26 September 2021 (Sunday)
  •     25 September 2022 (Sunday)
  •     24 September 2023 (Sunday)
  •     22 September 2024 (Sunday)
  •     28 September 2025 (Sunday)
  •     27 September 2026 (Sunday)
  •     26 September 2027 (Sunday)
  •     24 September 2028 (Sunday)
  •     23 September 2029 (Sunday)
  •     22 September 2030 (Sunday)


Why is Daughter’s Day celebrated?

This day is a day to remind everyone that what your daughter means to you and your life and how precious she is to you.

Along with this, the evils spread in society such as child marriage, feticide (killing daughters in the womb), domestic violence, the dowry system, and rape with them are also to be stopped and make people aware of daughters.

Apart from this, another big reason for celebrating National Daughter Day in India is to make efforts for people to save daughters and educate them. And people have to be told that daughters are not a burden, they should also get equal rights as sons.

Not just for daughters, sons’ day (Son’s Day, 11 August), mother’s (Mother’s Day, 10 May), father’s day (21 June) and even grandparents (Grandparents) Day) also there is a special day in the year.

How is Daughters Day Celebration celebrated?

To celebrate this day for daughters and to make them happy, you can fulfill any of their wishes, or give them special feelings:


  •     By letting them know that you love and care for them.
  •     By planning a special movie, lunch, or dinner with them.   
  •     Make them feel special by spending the whole day with them.
  •     By giving them a special gift of their choice.
  •     By saying no to social practices like dowry.
  •     By giving respect and protection not only to his daughter but also to other girls.
  •     Or by expressing your opinion and thoughts on social media.


In the year 2019, Google wished daughter’s day by making a doodle of female mountaineer Junko Tabei.


Daughter’s Day 2022: Quotes, Shayari Photos for Status (Daughters Day Quotes in Hindi)

Like other countries in India too, on the day of Daughter’s Day, parents wish their beloved daughter Daughters Day 2022 by giving her good messages and quotes. Here are some special messages, Shayari and Quotes, and Photos / Images for them that you will like.

Beti Diwas Ki Shubhkamnaye Photos status

    Happy memories of a daughter’s past,
    joyful moments of the present and
    There is hope and promise for the future.

Beti Diwas Ki Shubhkamnaye Photos status

Blooming buds are daughters
Daughters understand the pain of parents
daughters light up the house
The boys are there today so tomorrow is the daughters
happy daughters day

Have a sweet smile daughter
It’s true that guests are daughters
the identity of that house
The house of which the daughter is unknown
Happy daughter’s day.

Daughters are sent from above,
Who fills our hearts with unrequited love.

Respect your daughters.
They are honorable.

Beti Diwas Ki Shubhkamnaye Photos status

In India, the girl child is still seen as a burden in some urban and rural areas and cultures. And daughters are considered a stigma. In such a situation, this festival helps to eliminate those traditions and bad ideas.

And it is also a day of lessons for those who maintain their attitude on the girl child as a burden. Some underdeveloped countries and some places in India still follow these customs and traditions.

However, if your ideology is not like this, then you can consider this festival a classic festival. And if a daughter is born in your house as well then you can see this day as an opportunity to be grateful for the life of the girl child.

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