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Mohali, Sep 18 (IANS) | Chandigarh University students staged a massive protest in Mohali on Saturday night after an alleged ‘leaked objectionable video’ of girl students went viral.

Chandigarh University viral video Case- video of girl students was leaked


The protesting students alleged that a student made a video of girl students taking a bath in the hostel. Later this video went viral on social media. The protesting students also claimed that the girl students living in the hostel attempted suicide after the video went viral. The police, on the other hand, vehemently denied the claim of attempted suicide. Police have arrested a student in this case.

“Actually it is a case related to a video allegedly shot by a student and later it was leaked. An FIR was registered in the matter and the student who is alleged to have leaked the video was arrested with immediate effect. The reports of suicide attempts by any person connected with the incident are misleading. No such information is available. As per the medical records, no such attempt (attempt to commit suicide) has been made. Police were informed” that Chandigarh University LinkedVideo Vivek Soni (Senior Superintendent of Police, Mohali) said this in his statement on the leak case.

He said, “Forensic evidence is being collected. So far no information of any suicide or attempt has been received by the police. Considering the seriousness of the matter, the medical records of the suspected students associated with the case have been kept safe,” he said. The police have also appealed to the people not to pay heed to any rumors or spread any rumors.”

On this matter, Harjot Singh Bains (Punjab’s School Education Minister) has appealed to the students of Chandigarh University to remain calm and maintain discipline as well as he has assured the students that the guilty will not be spared and strict action will be taken against them. Punishment will be given.

In a Twitter post, the minister said, “I humbly request all the students of Chandigarh University to remain calm. No guilty will be spared. This is a very serious and sensitive matter, it is out of the dignity of our sisters and daughters.” connected matter.”

The Punjab State Commission for Women has taken cognizance of the matter.

In this alleged video leak case Manisha Gulati (Chairman of Punjab State Commission for Women) said, “This is a criminal and very serious matter. Right now we are investigating the matter. I am here to assure the parents of all the students That the accused will not be spared at any cost.”

 What is the whole matter 

A video allegedly of 60 girl students of the hostel taking a bath has gone viral, purportedly in the girls hostel of Panjab University. The investigation is still going on in this case and it is also alleged that this video was made by a Girl student which was leaked with the help of another student.

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