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On September 7, 2017, the south of Mexico faced the first great trial with viral reactions, such as with Manuel Velasco, the former governor of Anahi, who removed the controversial “too disorganized”.


Celebrities in the 2017 earthquake: collecting rubble that promises to rebuild homes from Belinda to Juanpa Zurita
Social networks played a fundamental role in the reactions of celebrities (Photos: Facebook/ Manuel Velasco Coello/ Instagram/@juanpazurita/Twitter/@belindaidols_)

Celebrities in the 2017 earthquake: collecting rubble that promises to rebuild homes from Belinda to Juanpa Zurita

Although it is scientifically proven that it is impossible to predict earthquakes, as earthquakes result from a sudden release of stress in the Earth’s crust, the month of September in Mexico, due to its history with the subject, is celebrated by its inhabitants as one. regarded as. Possible earthquake timing.

Recalling the damage caused by the said natural phenomenon, the various reactions that the entertainment world gave to the last great trial of the Aztec land in 2017 were full of controversial moments, for better and for worse, as social networks played a key role in this. Was. Bringing some star actions into the national realm immediately, as well as others, are struggling because of their public failures.

Belinda left glamor and accumulated debris


Celebrities in the 2017 earthquake: collecting rubble that promises to rebuild homes from Belinda to Juanpa Zurita
The pop singer became one of the most viral celebrities for her actions (Photos: Twitter / @ belindaidols_

The pop singer became one of the most viral faces following the tragedy of the September 19, 2017 earthquake, which triggered a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that shut down the country at 1:14 p.m., shortly after a drill to commemorate the earthquake of 32 after the year before, with the remaining 371 deaths.

The actress surprised many after the release of videos and photos in which she is seen helping clear debris from the earthquake that rocked Morelos, Puebla, and Mexico City. At that time all her scandals or controversies took a back seat, as on that occasion she won the hearts of people after the scene went viral, though her detractors were not lacking.

Her family joined her, showing on more than one occasion that she made generous and numerous donations to various collection centers. She also worked on her Gaia Planeta Azul Foundation, which was helping those affected by the September 7 earthquake that devastated Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Celebrities in the 2017 earthquake: collecting rubble that promises to rebuild homes from Belinda to Juanpa Zurita
She also helped bought groceries (Photo: Instagram/@belindadpop)

Juanpa Zurita and the promise of rebuilding homes without knowing it all lies

After the September 7 and 19, 2017 earthquakes, which had 8.2 and 7.1 magnitudes, respectively, YouTuber Juanpa Jurita created a foundation called Love Army Mexico, which aimed to help the victims of the municipality of Oquilán de Artega in the state of Mexico.

From the first moment, everything was criticized as it didn’t take long for the young star to rise to the stardom of the internet world by creating digital content, although the idea that a man like him had rebuilt more than one lost home. Promised to make, all seemed like crazy, he was even accused of stealing donated money.

However, with the publication of a recent documentary, it was shown that Zurita had helped 47 families in Okuilán after they lost their homes in the September 19 earthquake. At the premiere, it was possible to see that the YouTuber complied with the rebuilding of the houses, he also mentioned that the documentary was meant to be closed and it helped him to see that people are happy.

Kate del Castillo, Ana de la Reguera, and Carla Souza selling T-shirts to rebuild homes

One of the projects that emerged almost immediately was those by Ana de la Reguera, Kate del Castillo, Olga Segura, and Carla Souza, who created the Los Angeles Association in Mexico, based in the United States, which was later incorporated. Actress Esmeralda Pimentel. According to information from the newspaper El Universal, these celebrities together were interested in providing assistance to the community of San Miguel Tecuanipa in the state of Puebla (in central Mexico).


The Mexicans were accused of “advertising” with the tragedy (Photo: Instagram/@katedelcastillo

It was shared at the time that they managed to raise $81,000, with which 13 homes were built. The resources with which these well-known supporters achieved this feat arose mainly from the United States through ‘sponsors’, as well as group shirt sales that favored the culture in black and white, variously in Spanish and English. There were phrases. Mexican.

Anahi “Very disappointed” but “all that mattered to me was helping”

The RBD entered the eye of the storm during the Chiapas earthquake, which occurred on Thursday, September 7 of that year at 11:49 p.m. and had a magnitude of 8.2 with an epicenter in the Gulf of Tehuantepec. It is important to remember that the singer was the first lady of that state at the time, as her husband Manuel Velasco Coelho served as governor.

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