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 Today’s Google Doodle is from the leading French entertainer Coccinelle. celebrates-Tuesday’s Google Doodle is dedicated to celebrating the 91st birthday of singer and entertainer Coccinelle.


Today’s Google Doodle is from the leading French entertainer Coccinelle. celebrates 


Today's Google Doodle is from the leading French entertainer Coccinelle. celebrates


Who was Jacqueline-Charlotte Dufresnoy

A French actress, whose real name is Jacqueline-Charlotte Dufresnoy, was a pioneer for the rights of the LGBT (transgender)+ community and was the first person/woman (transgender) to undergo gender-change surgery in her country.

She had male traits at birth but, Coccinelle preferred to see herself as a woman, grew up with an inner spirit, and aspired to pursue her interests in fashion and performance.

During her teen years, after wearing a red dress with black polka dots to a party, the famous entertainer earned the nickname Kokinelle, which translates to ladybug in English.

In 1953, Coccinelle made her first appearance at Madame Arthur, a cabaret venue in Paris, performing a song from the film premiere Rendez-Vous. After that, she played a role in Le Carousel de Paris, a popular music hall with several transgender performers, where her talent and stage presence captivated audiences.

In 1958, he traveled to Casablanca to have a vaginoplasty by Dr. Georges Burro.

“Dr. Burrow corrected the mistake made by nature and I became a real woman inside as well as outside,” Cokinelle said at the time.

“After the operation, the doctor simply said ‘Bonjour, Mademoiselle,’ and I knew it was a success.”

After returning home from her surgery, Coccinelle became a media sensation with a look and stage act based on the major sex symbols of the day.

In 1959, the Italian singer Gigo Agosti dedicated the song “Cocinella” to her.

Throughout her career, Coccinelle has worked extensively as an activist on behalf of transgender people and founded the organization Devenir Femme – which translates to “to become a woman” – to seek gender reassignment surgery. It was designed to provide emotional and practical support to those who did.

She also helped establish the Support, Research, and Information Center for Transsexuality and Gender Identity.

Additionally, Coccinelle’s first marriage to journalist Francis Bonnet was the first union officially acknowledged by the French government, establishing the legal right for transgender people to marry.

In 2006, Coccinelle was hospitalized due to a stroke. She died on 9 October in Marseille.

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