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Singer and actress Eva-Maria Hagen passes awayAt first, Eva-Maria Hagen pursued a career in the GDR, but after Wolf Bermann’s exile, she had to leave the country and has since performed in West Germany. Now she is dying at the age of 87. Her daughter Nina Hagen and her grandchildren Cosma Siva and Otis “mourn with longing with love and gratitude”.


Singer and actress Eva-Maria Hagen passes away

Singer and actress Eva-Maria Hagen passes away

Singer and actress Eva-Maria Hagen has passed away. Hagen died Tuesday at the age of 87, according to the management of his daughter, Nina Hagen. Hagen became known as a theater and film actress in the GDR before being banned from work and moving west due to singer-songwriter Wolf Berman’s protests against deportation.

A statement was written on behalf of Nina Hagen, her daughter, actress Cosma Shiva Hagen, and son Otis Hagen, stating that Eva-Maria Hagen had “left this earthly world” and “took us into the eternal home. ” “We mourn with longing with love and gratitude.”

Hagen made her theatrical debut in 1953 with the famous “Berliner Ensemble” under the direction of Bertold Brecht in the play “Katzgraben”. She gained wide popularity in 1957 with the title role in the DEFA film comedy “Don’t Forget My Trudel”. In the years that followed, she became one of the most successful actresses in the GDR and, in addition to her stage engagements, played roles in about 50 television films.

Due to her relationship with the important singer-songwriter Burman, her job opportunities were curtailed by the GDR regime. Hagen was publicly discriminated against, threatened with state security, and accused of defamation to the state. When she publicly protested against Berman’s deportation in 1976, he was dismissed and banned from working in the GDR without notice from the German television broadcaster.

In 1977 Hagen follows her former partner to the Federal Republic with her daughter Nina, who came from his previous marriage to writer Hans Oliva-Hagen. There she pursued a second career as a vocal singer in addition to film and theatre and released two long-running records.

An argument broke out with the daughter in the book

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Hagen again shot films with “Herzsprung” and “Novalis – The Blue Flower” at Babelsberg Studios and was on stage as “Medea” in 1994. In 1995 she played Brecht’s “Mother Courage” in Hamburg. , She produced several CDs and published a novel called “Eva und der Wolf” in 1997, which, based on letters and diary entries, gives an insight into the years she worked with Berman.

Singer and actress Eva-Maria Hagen passes away

Hagen began feuding with her own family with her book “Eva’s Brave New World” in 2000. Daughter Nina Hagen, on the other hand, obtained an injunction in court because she felt that her personal rights had been violated.

Eva-Maria Hagen continued to star in the 2004 Snow White skit Seven Dwarfs – Men Alone in the Forest with her daughter Nina and granddaughter Cosma Shiva. Hagen returned to the stage at the age of 72 and played Miss Schneider in 2006 in “Cabaret – Das Music” in Berlin. Hagen wrote and illustrated two more books. She lived in Hamburg and the Uckermark.

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