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Meera Bai Chanu biography, age, cast, medal, family, net worth-Meerabai Chanu, who won India’s first gold medal in the ongoing Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham, England, has a happy atmosphere. Family, relatives and people of their village are celebrating at his ancestral residence. On the achievement of Meerabai Chanu, people across the country want to know about her.


Meera Bai Chanu biography, age, cast, medal, family, net worth


Meera Bai Chanu biography, age, cast, medal, family, net worth

India’s weightlifter Sihom Mirabai Chanu has won many competitions earlier and is considered one of the best weightlifters in the world. In the women’s 49 kg competition at the Tokyo Olympics, she became India’s first athlete to win a medal. After that, she participated in the Commonwealth Games competition and won several awards. This article is related to the life and achievements of Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, as well as description of their personal life and net worth.

Meera Bai Chanu Biography

Saikhom Mirabai Chanu is an Indian weightlifter that comes from Manipur, the northeastern state. She participated in the 49 kg weight category of women in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 and won a silver medal. In addition, Mirbai Chanu has won several medals in the World Championship and Commonwealth Games. Due to her dedication and hard work and dedication towards the game, the Government of India honored him with the Padma Shri Award. In 2018, the Government of India honored him with the main meditation and Chand Khel Ratna for its achievements in the athletic world.

Name                 Meerabai Chanu

Full Name         Saikhom Mirabai Chanu

Date of birth     8/8/1994

Age                     27 years old

State                   Manipur

Nationality        Indian

Religion             Hindu

Caste –               Maitai (OBC)

Profession         weightlifter

Meerabai is the youngest of her five brothers and sisters, making her a bunch. When her parents came to know that she could pick up heavy commodities at a young age while she was only 12 years old. At that time, she spontaneously collected a large bundle of firewood in her house after his brother, Saikhom Sanatomba Mietei, insisted to lift him on his head.

Her family immediately recognized her strength as a weight lifter. Hence, Meerabai Chanu started her training in Khuman Lamp Sports Complex in Imphal under the direction of Anita Chanu in the year 2007. She participated in the sub-junior competition at the state level in 2009 and won the gold medal, making her the winner. Overall the first medal. Two years later, she became part of the national camp, and in 2011, she won the first national medal at Junior National.

Meera Bai Chanu Biography Early Life

Saikhom Mirabai Chanu was born on August 8, 1994 from a Miitei family, in Nongpok Kaking, about 30 kilometers outside Imphal City, in the state of Manipur. Chanu indicated that she worships both the gods and Hindu gods, even though she is known as a devotee of Sanmahism. Her parents and brother -in -law saw his flexibility at the age of 12. Her elder brother had a difficult time, just picking up a large bundle of firewood and he could bring home without any trouble.

Meerabai Chanu received her education in athletics at the Manipur Sports Academy. She traveled by hitching with drivers of sand carrying trucks. After the conclusion of her Olympic competition, she invited the truck drivers to thank him for his assistance and help, and she shook his feet as a gesture of honor.

Meera Bai Chanu’s career

The journey of India’s weightlifter Mirabai Chanu as a player has not been easy. This achievement was completed only after years of hard work. Mirabai Chanu was born on August 8, 1994 in Hamlet in Nongpok Kaking, Manipur, about 20 km from Imphal. She is the only girl in five children. The state of Manipur considers Mirabai as her order.

Meerabai and her brother Makhom Sanatoba Mite were forced to go to Highlands to collect wood as they lacked financial resources. Her family first focused on her strength at an early age, when she could lift a large weight of firewood from mountains to home without any difficulty. During this time, his elder brother was having difficulty in lifting the same bundle.

During that period, she was 10 to 12 years old. She had her early education in a primary school in her home’s Hamlet. Meerabai had to cover a distance of 44 kilometers every day to go for her training as there was no facility related to weightlifting around it.

Achievements of Meera Bai Chanu

Given Chanu’s significant contribution in the field of athletics, the Government of India honored him with the Padma Shri Award, the fourth largest civil award in the country in 2018. In addition, in the same year (2018), she was honored with the most prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award from the Government of India. This honor was given to her by the President of India.

 As soon as she won the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games 2022, people started celebrating in Nongpoh Kakching in Imphal, the ancestral village of Chanu. On Saturday night, Chanu clung to the television to watch the match. As soon as Chanu won the gold medal for the country, his happiness was no longer there. On this achievement, Chanu’s mother Tombi Devi told that she could not sleep properly the night before the match. She prayed to God for her daughter’s victory.

Mirabai Chanu has won India’s first gold medal in the ongoing Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham, England. Chanu created history by lifting a total of 201 kg by winning this medal in the 49 kg weight category. There is an atmosphere of celebration in the country and his family on his achievement.

Net worth

It is believed that Mirabai Chanu’s net worth is US$0.7 million, which is roughly equivalent to 5 crore Indian rupees. This figure is expressed in Indian currency. Over the years, Mirabai Chanu has experienced a ten percent increase in her net worth. In addition, most of Mirabai Chanu’s revenue comes from personal investments and endorsement deals with other brands.

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