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How did Adani suddenly become Dhankuber? Adani’s net worth was $5.10 billion in 2014


Gautam Adani Net Worth 2022 | How did Adani suddenly become Dhankuber? Adani's net worth was $5.10 billion in 2014

Gautam Adani Net Worth 2022: According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Gautam Adani’s wealth has increased by $ 60.9 billion this year. If we talk about 2014 before the Modi government came, then Gautam Adani’s net worth was $5.10 billion as on 30 March 2014.

According to the latest figures, Gautam Adani has now become the richest person not only in India but also in Asia. Reaching the heights of success, the Indian industrialist has become the third richest businessman in the world. If we talk about his wealth at present, then it has become $ 137 billion. In its latest figures, the Bloomberg Billionaire Index has projected a jump of $ 60.9 billion in its net worth this year.

Net worth was only $5.10 billion before the Modi government came to power

According to the Bloomberg Index, Adani’s net worth was $5.10 billion on 30 March 2014, which reached $ 11 billion on 16 January 2020 and after June 2020, there was a tremendous jump in Adani’s wealth.

By June 9, 2021, Adani’s wealth had registered a 7-fold jump and reached $76.7 billion. After this, the story of which dream did not work, and Adani’s wealth started increasing like a money tree. On 29 April 2022, he touched the mark of $ 122 billion, and now it has reached $137 billion.

How did you get so much wealth all of a sudden?

Now tell you from where and how did Adani suddenly have so much wealth? The simple answer is that due to the boom in the stock market, Gautam Adani’s wealth also got wings. Let us tell you that Gautam Adani started his business in 1988. At present 7 companies of the Adani Group are listed on the stock exchange.

Adani Port is the largest private sector port. He has bought 6 airports from the government. Let us tell you that the Mumbai airport belongs to Adani. Along with this, Adani is also involved in power generation and is the largest private sector, power producer. Adani has the largest coal mining contract.

Adani accounts for the largest share of cement production in India. The Fortune brand is a well-known name in Saath Foods and its flagship products include Oil, Flour, Rice, Besan, and Soyabean. Shares of Adani companies are jumping at the speed of the rocket. Their market cap is Rs 19 lakh crore. Due to having shares in these companies, there has been a boom in Adani’s wealth.

If we talk about the performance of their companies this year, Adani Power saw a great jump which is 292 percent. With this, Adani Enterprises has registered a jump of 294 percent. Adani Port has paid 180 percent and Adani Green has given an 80 percent dividend. Adani Wilmar registered a jump of 158 percent during the period. Not only this, other companies of the Adani Group, Adani Total Gas saw a jump of 109 percent and Adani Transmission 127 percent.

Mukesh Ambani’s wealth is declining

If we talk about the Bloomberg Millionaire Index, the net worth of Elon Musk at number one is $251, while his net worth has decreased to -$2.29B -$18.9B. Jeff Bezos’s net worth at number two is $153B, during which there was a decrease of -$981M, -$39.0B in his wealth.

Now talk about Mukesh Ambani, his wealth is Mukesh Ambani has a net worth of $91.9B and ranks 11th, registering a decrease of -$836M and an increase of +$1.96B later. 15 Indian industrialists have found a place in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. In total, the wealth of these 15 industrialists is $ 413.93 billion. While the net worth of India’s total economy is $ 11,745.3 billion.

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