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According to a news published in Bharat Samachar, the Ghee sample of Patanjali Cow has failed in the laboratory. According to the news, adulteration was found in Patanjali Ghee and it is said to be very harmful to health.

Do you also use Patanjali cow's ghee, then know this important news?

Do you also use Patanjali cow’s ghee, then know this important news?

Uttarakhand: Patanjali Company, which has made its mark abroad including in India, is now a multinational company. But Patanjali Cow Ghee has failed the laboratory test. Earlier this sample was sent to the lab of Uttarakhand state where it did not meet the standard. After this, the sample of this ghee also failed in the central laboratory. After the results came out after this investigation report, the Food Safety and Drugs Department of Tehri district has decided to file a case against Patanjali Company in ADM Court.

The Food Safety and Pharmaceuticals Department had taken samples of cow’s ghee of Patanjali, a well-known company established by Baba Ramdev, from a shop in Ghansali of Tehri district on the occasion of Diwali festival last year i.e. 2021. The food safety department of the state sent this sample to the state laboratory for testing where it was found to be adulterated in the ghee test. After this, the Food Department issued a notice to the company, but Patanjali Company denied the report of the State Progshala.

In view of Patanjali’s stand, the State Food Safety Department sent the sample of Ghee to the Central Laboratory. The Central Laboratory also found Patanjali’s ghee adulterated in its test and it failed the test. After this, the State Food Safety Department decided to file a case against the company in the ADM Court of Tehri. According to this news published in Bharat Samachar, Food Safety Designated Officer MN Joshi told that in the laboratory report Patanjali Cow Ghee is adulterated and it has not met the standards and has been described as injurious to health.

Apart from this, MN Joshi also told that during the Char Dham Yatra, a sample of rice was taken from a hotel operated in Selu water on the Chamba-Dharasu highway, this sample has also been checked, after which the State Food Safety Department sent a notice to the hotel owner. He has told that more pesticide has been found in this rice than the prescribed standard. He has said that action will be taken against the hotel owner soon.

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