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NEW YORK — South African actress and model Charlbi Dean, who won the Palma de Gold at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, played a revealing role in the movie “Triangle of Sadness.” She was 32 years old.

Dean died in a New York hospital from a sudden and unexpected illness, his representatives said.

Dean also had a recurring role as Asina Cyanide in the DC Comics series “Black Lightning”, which aired on The CW from 2018 to 2021. Let’s know more about her.

Charlby Dean biography, Wikipedia, age, family, cause of death, Netflix

Charlbi Dean Biography

Charlbi Dean Crick was a famous South African actress and model, she was born on February 5, 1990. She died on August 29, 2022, at the age of 32. Her roles in the Spud films (2010–2013), the superhero drama series Black Lightning (2018), and the film that won the Palme d’Or for Best Foreign Language Film, Triangle of Sadness, brought her the most fame. triangle of sorrow

Charlby Dean biography, Wikipedia, age, family, cause of death, Netflix

Biography of Charlbi Dean

Charlbi Dean was born on 5 February 1990 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Early life and career

Joan (née Muller) and Johann Crick bring their daughter Dean into the world and raise her in Cape Town. At the age of six, Charlbi Dean began her career as a child model and went on to appear in commercials and catalogs. She became a homeschooling student at the age of 14 after signing a contract with Alpha Model Management when she was only 12. During her career, she lived and worked in several cities, including Tokyo, New York City, and London, in addition to Cape Town, where she attended the Waterfront Theater School.

In October of 2008, Dean and another model named Ashton Schneige were both lucky to survive a car accident. She was taken to Milnerton Medi-Clinic, where she underwent life-saving surgery, and later AMI was able to show off the scar from the procedure at the Alexandre Mattiusi fashion show. After the accident, she decided to take a break from her work for a while.

In the 2010 film adaptation of Spud, Dean made her debut as an actress, playing the role of Amanda. She played the same character in the sequel Spud 2: The Madness Continues. After that, she starred in the films Don’t Sleep (2017) and An Interview with God (2018) respectively. In the same year, she was cast as a recurring character, Cyanide, in the DC Universe series Black Lightning, in which she appeared for a total of two seasons. In February 2020, it was reported that Dean would join the cast of Triangle of Sadness, which was directed by Ruben Ostlund.

Personal life and death

Another South African model, Luke Volker and Dean were engaged at the time. Dean died in New York City on August 29, 2022, at the age of 32, from an undiagnosed illness. The news of her death was shared by her brother Alex on Instagram. According to what Peter Bradshaw said in The Guardian, “Charlbi Dean was a real star in the making.” Her passing is a devastating blow… [her] has a unique beauty and has made so many promises.

Charlbi Dean net worth

Charlbi is one of the most successful and famous film actresses. She also has a lot of wealth. According to the findings of our investigation into Charlbi Dean’s net worth using resources such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, her net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

Charlbi Dean’s Height and Body Measurements

Height 5 feet and 8 inches, weight not known Taking a look at body measurements Eye color unknown No hair color as such Shoe/foot size unavailable

Cause of death

A South African actress and mannequin by the name of CharlbI Dean 32 years her age, passed away recently. According to Deadline, Dean died suddenly on August 29 in New York City. Deadline reported her death.

Dean’s recurring role as Cyanide in the CW adaptation of the DC Comics series Black Lightning was what brought her the most popularity. Her first role in a major motion picture was a supporting role in Ruben Ostlund’s Triangle of Unhappiness, which also starred Woody Harrelson and Harris Dickinson. She made her acting debut throughout the film, most notably recently.

Because of the mannequin Yaya, who was one of the many who survived when her cruise ship ran aground on an island, she had a recurring role throughout the parody. On October 7, Triangle of Unhappiness, which has already received the Palme d’Or at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, is set to make its theatrical debut in the United States. Crick was known for being overstressed on the catwalk. The country actor, who received praise for her effectiveness throughout the Spud film, most recently starred in Triangle of Unhappiness, starring Woody Harrelson, and won the Palme d’Or. Spud received favorable reviews. The news of her passing can be very painful as she served as a role model for local actors and actresses who wanted to pursue a career in film or television.

 More about Charlbi Dean’s Sudden Illness

A representative for the South African celebrity informed NBC News that actress Charlby Dean, who played Cyanide in the canceled Black Lightning series on The CW, unexpectedly passed away on August 29 as a result of “an unforeseen serious illness.” No additional information may be available about Dean’s passing now that has been made public.

In addition to her work on Black Lightning, Dean had a successful modeling career, and she also made an appearance on an episode of Elementary on the CBS network. Additionally, Dean’s film Triangle of Unhappiness, which also stars Woody Harrelson, may hit theaters in the month of October. May was the relevant month.

Dean and her co-stars were present at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022 when the film finally won the coveted Palme d’Or. Dean also visited the contestants.

Dean wrote the following on her Instagram page after walking the red carpet: “It took a whole group to make this present day possible, three years to get this project here, family and friends to support me, and many more years of dreaming.”

The Charlie Dean family is deeply saddened by his passing.

Joan and Johan Crick became parents for the first time on February 5, 1990, in Cape City, South Africa, to a little girl named Charlbi. Charlbi was their first child together. The parents of the victim are in shock after the death of their daughter.

She was only six years old when she made her first appearance in the modeling portfolio. She began her career modeling children’s clothing for catalogs and appearing in commercials for children’s television programs. A model scout discovered Charlbi when she was only 12 years old; The same Scout would later join the modeling agency Charlbi is currently signed with.

The Alpha Model Administration featured photographs of women who had been in television commercials and in publications based on children. After getting her big break with Italian Vogue at the age of 12, her father thought it would be best for her to stop going to regular school and start homeschooling instead of continuing her education there. This was due to the fact that in order to fulfill his responsibilities as a member of the household, he was forced to change schools every two years.

When Charlbi was just 14 years old, she decided to take a break from her homeschooling for two months so that she could travel to Tokyo. During that time she lived in Japan. Shortly after returning from Tokyo to South Africa, where she stayed for an additional two months to continue her job in casting, capturing, and networking, Charlby immediately began gathering her belongings and traveling to New York.

 Was Charliebie Dean Dating Now?

Our data indicates that Charlby Dean was probably single and never engaged. Charlby Dean is not dating anyone since May 2022. You can contribute to the development of Charliebie Dean’s dating record! No record exists for Charliebie Dean. You can contribute to the development of Charliebie Dean’s dating record!

Info & Trivia Charlby was ranked among the top actresses in films. Listed among famous South African celebrities by Charlby Dean celebrates her birthday on 5 February every year.

 Charlbi dean trivia

Charlby Dean was born in Cape Town, South Africa. CharlbyiDean entered the world on 5 February 1990 in Cape Town, South Africa. She is recognized for her roles in the films Spud (2010), Don’t Sleep (2017), and Black Lightning (2017).

Charliebee Dean FAQ:


Q-What are Charliebie Dean’s hobbies?

Ans-Miscellaneous to study, photograph, study, tour, internet shopping, and call. 


Q-Who is Charliebie Dean’s father?

Ans-The name of Charliebie Dean’s father is not known.

Q-Who is Charliebie Dean’s mother?

Ans-The name of Charlbi Dean’s mother is not known.

Q-Where is Charlie Dean from?

Ans-Cape City, South Africa.

QWhen is Charliebie Dean’s birthday? 

Ans-5 February 1990.

Q-What is the age of Charliebie Dean?

Ans-Charlbi  Dean’s age is 32 years as of 2022.

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