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 What does Lahaul villa Quwat mean?-Lahaul villa quote, is incomplete. It is pronounced correctly and in full form like this- la haul wala quwwat illa billah. (La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah’)

Let us know what is the meaning of the alphabet of these sentences and when they are spoken. (Earth in Hindi) Often people must have heard these alphabets from their mouths, but what does it mean? Today we are going to tell you. Hindi and Urdu both have a wonderful imprint in India. Every culture has different languages ​​and ways of life and according to that human lives. Knowing and understanding each other’s culture is very important.

Meaning of La Haul Wala Quwwat Illa Billah


 You must have often heard this sentence in the Arabic language from the mouth of people who speak in Urdu and Hindustani style. People speak this thing in many ways, such as Lahaul Bila Quwat, Lahaul Bila Quwat, Lahaul Bila Qubat and Lahaul Vila Quwwat. All these are incomplete sentences, whereas this thing is spoken in this way – La haul wala quwwat illa billah.


 The meaning of this sentence is that there is no one powerful in the world except Allah. It praises Allah. See, this alpha is said when some work, this alpha is said only when some work goes wrong or the limits of shamelessness are exceeded, or a person of satanic tendency spoils the work. So this is reminded that look, there is no one greater than Allah, He will make everything right. That’s why people la haul wala quwwat illa billah. (La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah’)

 Only after knowing the meaning of this alphabet, you can say this sentence in the right place.

Allah gives the strength to avoid sin and the direction to do righteousness. There is no other power except Allah. He is the Supreme Power.

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