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Today’s history June 1: Which important events of today’s day are recorded in the pages of history, know here.

Today’s History June 1: This first day of the sixth month of the year holds a special place in history. A major incident of today’s day in Nepal changed the course of the entire history of the country. On this day kings, queens, princes, and princesses were murdered in Nepal Rajmahal Murder Date. Raja’s brother Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah became the new king of the country. At the same time, today June 1 also holds an important place in the history of Indian cinema. Today is the birthday of Nargis, who is counted among the best actresses in the history of Hindi cinema. She lived the role of mother in the film Mother India, she was equally comfortable in the role of wife and girlfriend in other films.

 Today’s History June 1: Famous actress Nargis was born on this day, know other important events of June 1


Today's History June 1: Famous actress Nargis was born on this day, know other important events of June 1

1819: Establishment of Serampore College in Bengal.

1835: Calcutta Medical College started functioning.

1874: The East India Company was dissolved.

1929: Birth of Nargis Dutt, who played the most memorable mother role in Hindi films in the film ‘Mother India’.

1930: Deccan Queen, India’s first deluxe train, was introduced between Bombay VT and Pune.

1955: The Untouchability (Prevention) Act came into force.

1964: Now it is called paisa by removing the new word from Naya Paisa.

1970: An egg is thrown at British Prime Minister Harold Wilson outside an election rally.

1979: After 90 years in Rhodesia, the minority white people’s rule ends and is proclaimed and the country gets the new name Zimbabwe.

1980: Cable News Network (CNN) owned by Ted Turner began broadcasting news 24 hours a day.

1996: HD Deve Gowda took oath as the 11th Prime Minister of the country.

1999: A new chapter was added to the history of China when three hundred ancient tombs dating back to 750-256 BC were discovered in Hubei Province (central China).

1999: A male rat model was developed at the University of Hawaii, USA.

2001: A heart-wrenching incident happened in the history of Nepal. On this day, June 1, 2001, members of the royal dynasty of Nepal, King Virendra Vikram Shah, and his wife, including several other members of the royal family, were murdered while Prince Dipendra attempted suicide. did, Gyanendra becomes caretaker king.

2004: Sunni leader Ghazi Mashal Aziz al-Yawar, head of the Iraqi Administrative Council, becomes the new President of Iraq.

2005: Appa Sherpa successfully climbed Mount Everest for the 15th time.

2006: Footprints of primitive humans were found in the village of Shangipan in the south-eastern Jiangxi province of China.

2006: Iran completely denies any agreement with the US on its nuclear research program.

2014: 40 killed in an explosion at a football field in Nigeria.
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