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10 most beautiful women according to Hindu epics

    Friends, there are often descriptions of Apsaras and divine women whose beauty is said to be unmatched. Today, in the information that we have brought for all of you by digging through our ancient history, we will know who were the 10 most uniquely beautiful women according to our religious texts.


10 Most Beautiful Hindu Women
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(1). Ahalya

Ahalya was the daughter of Lord Brahma. She had a boon that she would remain 16 years old forever. She was very beautiful and then all the sages and gods wanted to marry her.

Devraj Indra also wanted to get them. Even when Ahalya was married to Gautam Rishi, Indra did not back down. And one day by taking the form of Gautam Rishi, he destroyed the chastity of the sage wife.

Then sage Gautama cursed Devraj Indra and his wife and they became stone. Ahalya was saved when Lord Vishnu arrived there in the form of Shri Ram.

 (2). Damayanti

Princess Damayanti was very beautiful, the proof of her beauty is found in this fact and even gods like Varuna had come to participate in her Swayamvara.

wished to marry her. But she had fallen in love with the prince of Nishad Raj, Nal. We get the description of the story of Nal and Damayanti in the festival of Mahabharata.

 (3). Satyabhama

Satyabhama was the wife of Shri Krishna and was very beautiful and also a warrior. When Shri Krishna goes to meet someone, he takes Satyabhama with him.

Satyabhama is called Anupam Sundar. Mother Satyabhama was an incarnation of Devi and she was born to kill the evildoers.

 (4). Urvashi

Once upon a time, a sage was doing penance in Badrinath. His penance worried Indra and other deities. That is why Indra sent Kamadeva and Apsaras to disturb the penance of Nar Narayan.

Sage Naranarayana became enraged by this act and he hit his thigh at the same time, a beautiful Apsara emerged from there. She was far superior to the celestial apsaras.

Seeing this, Devraj was filled with anger and anger and apologized to Narayan. Narayan Ji, forgiving Indra, sent Apsara along with Indra as a blessing.

Being born from the sage’s thigh i.e. Guru, she was called Urvashi. Urvashi was more beautiful than all the other Apsaras in the house of Devraj Indra.

 (5). Rukmani

Rukmani was an incarnation of Maa Lakshmi. Mother comes out of Ambika’s temple in Shrimad Bhagwat. Seeing her adorned beauty, the King Maharaja who had gathered for his Swayamvara loses his senses. She was the first wife of Shri Krishna and was the most beautiful.

(6). Draupadi

According to Mahabharata Adi Parva Adhyay 166, when a yajna was performed to get a son, a virgin girl also appeared from the altar of the Yagya and was fortunate. Every part of it was visible.

The radiance of his body was black. Eye donations were read that human beings should be a bunch of blooming lotuses. It was as if the only Goddess Durga had appeared in a human body.

The fragrance of Neelkamal appeared from his limbs and was spreading all around. She had assumed the most beautiful form. At that time there was no other beautiful woman on earth like her.

 (7). Mohini

After the churning of the ocean, the demons and the gods quarreled among themselves about the right to take it. The deity demon Gandharva was also eager to get that Deoband girl. There was an Akashvani when the girl with a beautiful image appeared.

The name of this girl is Krishna, she is the most beautiful in the memories and has appeared to destroy the Kshatriyas. It will prove the work of the deities in time.

When she came there, all the people present there were stunned to see her beauty. At that time the demons snatched the vessel which was full of excellent nectar.

At that time Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini. So Mohini captivated all the people present there with her beauty and took them and Kamandals and gave them to the deities.

 (8). Mother Sita

Sita who was born to support Ravana was a unique beauty. She has long hair and the beauty of her nose and body is unmatched.

Till today no goddess Gandharva girl Yakshini or any other woman would have seen so much money. According to Aranya Kanda Canto 46 of Valmiki Ramayana, when Ravana saw Mother Sita in her hut, he said Goddess you are as a divine flower of lotus shining with gold.

It seems that you are Goddess Lakshmi yourself or some Apsara. The divine beauty of your body is unmatched. I have never seen such an amazing beauty as you on this earth.


(9). Laxmi

According to Mata Lakshmi Bhagwat Purana Skand 8, during the churning of the ocean, Bhagwati Lakshmi Devi herself appeared from it. The directions lit up with their lightning-like brilliance.

With their beauty and glory, the picture or deity of everyone and whether human beings all said that we should get it. Everyone had brought a seat for him to sit on with their own hands.

But after thinking there, in the end, Shri Lakshmi ji described only Lord Shri Vishnu ji. And Lord Shri Hari Vishnu Ji gave a place to Mother Lakshmi ji to reside forever in his chest.

 (10). Mother Parvati

Maa Durga Maa Tripura Sundari Devi Parvati is the embodiment of beauty, Adishakti. At the same time, Tripura Sundari is the most beautiful of the three worlds. Mahadev, who has kept himself away from all worldly pleasures, gets mesmerized when he sees the mother.

Such is the aura of Goddess Parvati. There is a divine description of Goddess Parvati in Sri Lalita Sahasranama. There are also their acts which have been considered very beautiful in our history.

(11). Menka

Vishwamitra had broken the penance of several thousand years. It was full of beauty and everyone fought amongst themselves to get it. She was beautiful and had aesthetic brilliance and pride.

Apart from all this, Kamadeva’s wife Rati, Saraswati, Ravana’s wife Mandodari, Devraj Indra’s wife Subhadra, and the beauty of Radha ji is also mentioned in the Puranas. So these were the 10 most beautiful women. Want to make it clear that we have not given this list any less. That’s all for today. Hope you like our information. Please do share it.

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