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    A self-proclaimed relationship guru and image consultant known especially for divisive hate comments about black women, has reportedly died. Let’s see how Kevin Samuels died.


How did Kevin Samuels die? What happened? cause of death

Who was Kevin Samuels?

First it is important to know who was Kevin Samuels? So let us tell you that he was famous for his dating advice and YouTube videos where he introduced himself as an “image consultant”.

“How much does it cost to submit?” One of his most popular videos. and “Are modern women on average at best?” He sparked outrage on social media last week when he said unmarried women over the age of 35 were considered “leftover women”.

“If you’re 35 and not married you’re a survivor.” You are a struggler. “Men know you might have a problem,” he said. “Whether you like it or not, I’ll be with you.” “I’m going to tell you something you don’t want to hear.”

Although Samuels had been divorced twice and claimed to be single, he never shied away from speaking his mind on relationship issues.


Cause of death

However, news of Kevin Samuels’ death, which flooded social media timelines everywhere, did not immediately confirm that the 56-year-old had died, as his devoted fans demanded proof. As a result, as people tried to settle the facts, Samuels’ name became a top trending topic on Twitter on Thursday afternoon.

How Kevin Samuels died, the Plug Talk Instagram account claimed that Samuels died of “cardiac arrest,” but the Post did not confirm the report. Other Instagram accounts quickly jumped to the same story without further confirmation.

 What happened to Kevin Samuels?

“REVOLT Black News” has confirmed to reliable sources that Kevin Samuels, a YouTube sensation and self-proclaimed relationship guru, passed away today (May 5).

Rumors of his death began to circulate on Twitter and other social media platforms from this evening, sparking an online debate between supporters and opponents of Samuels. Those identified with the influencer’s ideology accused his opponents of celebrating his death.

“Kevin Samuels tells broken men and mediocre women to shoot within their range, and only one group wants him to die.” For example, “LMFAO,” wrote one user.

“I can’t believe Kevin Samuels is dead for the record,” replied one young woman. But just because I don’t feel bad if he is doesn’t mean I’m ‘celebrating.’ He tried to be cruel. We are not obliged to lament over the qualities he did not display. And out of all people it’s bold to ask black women to behave smartly.”

Further details about his death have not been released yet.

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