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     Haryana government has changed the syllabus of history. Haryana Government Education Minister Kanwarpal Gurjar has released the books according to the new syllabus. The main change in the new syllabus is that now students will get to read about Savarkar along with Mahatma Gandhi in history.

Haryana government changed the syllabus of history-2022, know full news in Hindi.
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What changes has the Haryana government made in the history books?

     According to various media sources, the Haryana government has changed the course of history for the year 2022. Students will now read about Mahatma Gandhi as well as Veer Savarkar in the history books taught in Haryana schools. This change has been implemented by Education Minister Kunwarpal and new books have been launched.

Which class books have changed?

  Haryana Government has now added some new subjects while making changes in the history books taught in Haryana from class 6 to class X. In the new syllabus, one page has been given on foreign invasions, while instead of one page about the legends of India, one page has been given.

Changes in other texts (change in the place where the revolution of 1857 started)

     The subject of the Saraswati river (ancient, now extinct) will now be taught in class 6th as well as in class 10th. The rebellion or revolution of 1857 will not be taught as Ghadar but as the first revolution of independence. In this, the contribution of Haryana has been given prominence. The main change is that till now the beginning of the revolution of 1857 is taught from Meerut (Uttar Pradesh), but in the new history books of Haryana, this revolution will be taught to start from Ambala.

      It is worth mentioning that Haryana has a glorious history, keeping this in mind, the local history of Haryana has been given more priority while the external history has been kept at least. The number of great men related to Haryana has been given more place in history. Similarly, giving prominence to the importance of the Saraswati river and the expansion of the Indus civilization, the syllabus has been given a place. Now students will also read about the local kings including the revolutionary Mohan Singh Mandhar of Kaithal.

Importance has also been given to Guru Sikh tradition

     In the history of class VIII, now students will also learn about Sikh Gurus related to Sikhism and a special chapter has been added, besides photos of Gurudwaras have also been printed for information about major Gurdwaras. The inspiration behind these changes is said to be the late Darshan Lal and Satish Chand Mittal who were associated with the RSS.

There will be confusion in history

      Now that these changes have taken place, it is also certain that there will be confusion in history! Because the beginning of the revolution of 1857 is mentioned in all the history books (including NCERT and CBSE) as Meerut but the history book of Haryana shows its place as Ambala.


    We all know that many great men and events in history have been denied a place. On the subject of such people and events, a new method of studying history was started, which is called the Subaltern method. But arbitrarily changing such incidents which are accepted by the domestic and foreign consensus is a grave crime with history. Going forward, confusion will arise in front of the competitive students.
    What is your opinion about the changes made by the Haryana government in the history books, please give your views in the comment box.

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