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     Data from the Fire and Emergency Services Department has revealed that property worth Rs 35.72 crore has been damaged during these fire incidents, while goods worth more than Rs 31.30 crore have been burnt to ashes.

Fire Incidents In Jammu And Kashmir: In Jammu and Kashmir, incidents of fire are being reported in Kashmir these days. Due to these incidents of fire, there is a state of emergency in the affected areas in the plaintiff. Due to this, there has been more pressure on emergency services than usual.

The fire department is receiving about eight calls every day due to incidents of fire which the department has called ‘unusually’ high numbers. The department has also issued a report on this matter. According to the report of the fire department, a total of 660 fire incidents have been given in the first three months of this year’s fire in the Valley. At the same time, there is also news of the death of about ten people due to this fire incident.

660 fire incidents registered in Jammu and Kashmir in three months, fire department expressed concern

April’s events have not been added

However, the incidents of fire that happened in the month of April have not been recorded in these reports. The incident does not include the incident fire in Srinagar in which a dozen houses were burnt in the old city of Srinagar. According to the data released by the fire and emergency services, more than 525 residential in 660 fire incidents. And other buildings, 99 shops and 11 shopping complexes, a hospital, and eight vehicles were damaged.

Official data prepared by the Department of Fire and Emergency Service (F&ES) has shown that property worth Rs 35.72 crore has been damaged during these fire incidents, while goods worth over Rs 31.30 crore have been burnt to ashes.

There have been more incidents of fire in the last three months

According to the data prepared by the Joint Director, Fire and Emergency Services, Kashmir Range, Srinagar has witnessed the highest number of fire incidents in the first three months. The F&ES department received 143 fire calls, in which property worth about Rs 17.04 crore was damaged, while goods worth Rs 20.38 crore were involved.

The second-largest number of fires in these months has been reported in the Baramulla district where 108 fire incidents have taken place involving assets worth Rs 2.25 crore and property worth Rs 17.80 crore. If we look at the districts, then there have been incidents of fire in eight districts including Budgam 45, Anantnag 68, Kupwara 81, Pulwama 53, Shopian 24, Ganderbal 49, Kulgam 39, and Bandipora.

According to the survey, there have been 39 incidents of fire in electrical transformers, while there have been 10 incidents of forest fire in the valley. Srinagar and Baramulla are on top with four and three incidents respectively.

Property worth crores destroyed in fire incidents

According to the figures, the Fire and Emergency Services Department has claimed to have saved property worth Rs 27.75 crore in these incidents. The survey listed short-circuits and gas leakage as the major causes of fire incidents. The use of wood in traditional construction is considered to have unusually high damage during a fire. Most of the houses in Kashmir make up more than 40 percent of wooden structures, while in older houses this percentage goes up to more than 70 percent.

The fire department has said that the government needs to improve the construction system in the Valley as per the new guidelines. At the same time, he has also stressed the need to conduct annual inspections of electrical systems in government and private commercial establishments. Not only this, but the department should also check the fire safety measures in private houses every 10 to 12 years.


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