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 how to solve exam

In order to know how to solve the Unified State exam, you not only need to know the subject very well, but also be prepared for a special form of knowledge testing – tests. It often happens that a student who reads well and understands the subject, gets lost while passing the exam paper as a test.

how to solve exam


Phase 1

A great way to learn how to solve the exam is by rehearsing it. In the rehearsal, students fill all the forms like in the actual exam. It helps to feel the atmosphere of passing the Unified State Examination and understand what mistakes should not be made. The tasks are checked by experts who give recommendations, explain what the student was wrong about.

step 2

It is better to prepare for the exam with a tutor. A teacher in the school, especially even at the scheduled hours, cannot reach all the students, see their nuances and help in finding the right ways to solve the exam.

step 3

Whether you’re taking Social Studies or Russian, each test has three types of tasks, which indicate the levels of difficulty. The simplest types are functions of A. They are given 4 answer options, out of which you have to choose the appropriate one. The question asked for Type B tasks requires a short, free-form answer. C type questions indicate detailed answer with reasoning, inference etc.

step 4

In the exam itself, it is recommended to solve the tasks exactly in the order in which they are given. To save time, don’t stay too long on something you can’t solve. If time lasts, you can return to the tasks you missed.

Step 5

If you solve more than 60% of the tasks in the first part of the test, a satisfactory assessment of your knowledge is guaranteed. But even if you are sure that you have passed the grade you need, try to solve more difficult tasks. This not only guarantees you a positive result, but also gives you the opportunity to score higher than expected.

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