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Recently, in the case of the biggest bank scam of independent India (22842) crores, why questions were raised on CBI and SBI, let’s know what is the whole matter.

   In the biggest bank scam so far, the CBI raided 13 different locations including Mumbai, Pune, Surat and Bharuch on February 12, in this raid, the CBI got many important documents and electronic evidence. It also came to the fore in this investigation that all the accused related to this scam are still present within the country, that is, none of the accused has escaped from the country. As soon as this scam came to the fore, the present government said as usual that this scam is from the time of the UPA government and as soon as it has come to the fore, the government has taken prompt action.


Recently, in the case of the biggest bank scam of independent India (22842) crores, why questions were raised on CBI and SBI, let's know what is the whole matter.

    In the case of the biggest bank scam of independent India till date, many questions have been raised on the CBI investigation. On the other hand, SBI has also been brought under the scanner that why did the bank complain about this matter after many years? Overall this bank scam is of 22842 crores. This multi-crore bank scam came to the fore in the year 2012, but it is surprising that its complaint was lodged first time on 8 November 2019. Now in this case both the complainant bank i.e. SBI (State Bank of India) and CBI have been put in the dock. The CBI, taking cognizance of SBI’s complaint, had sought clarification from SBI in March 2020 with certain evidences. SBI filed a fresh FIR in March 2020 with some clarifications. Now the question is arising that after the complaint of SBI, why did the CBI register the case on 7th February 2022 i.e. after almost 2 years? After all, what was the reason why the CBI did not take immediate action in the matter at that time? CBI has kept silence on this matter, on the other hand SBI has given its clarification in the complaint.

Let us tell you that this matter is related to ABG Shipyard Limited and ABG International Limited and both these companies are from Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Both these companies were given loans by a consortium of 28 banks. If SBI officials are to be believed, they said that due to the poor business performance of these two companies, the accounts of these companies were made NPA in November 2013. The company made many efforts to overcome this financial loss but they were unsuccessful. After this, forensic audit of both the companies was done, whose report was received in 2019. The investigation report revealed that the consortium (monitored by the lead bank of the Federal Accounts Consortium) was headed by ICICI Bank, but SBI being the largest public sector bank filed the complaint with the CBI. Overall, banks suffered a loss of Rs 22842 crore, of which the maximum loss was Rs 7,089 crore to ICICI Bank.

Taking the action ahead, the CBI registered a case of fraud in this biggest bank scam so far (Rs 22,842 crore) and registered a case against Rishi Kamlesh (CMD ABG Shipyard Company), Santhanam Muthuswamy and Ashwani Kumar who were the then directors of the company. has done.
 The company’s business is in Dahej and Surat in Gujarat, where the company does the work of making and repairing water ships. So far the company has built 165 ships.

      One question that is never raised by the media is that why all the bank scams that have happened after Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister are related to Gujarat? Is all this being done under some scheme? There are examples in front of us – apart from Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and Vijay Mallya, there are many people who have escaped from the country after doing crores of bank scams and are doing wealth abroad. On the other hand the government always claims that it is an honest government.

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