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lady gaga dog

The incident took place in February 2021 when two bulldogs had shot at Lady Gaga’s dog-walking man, the pop singer had announced a bounty of Rs 3.6 crore for revealing it.

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lady gaga dog
photo credit -lady gaga instagram official account

The incident happened in the valley when a man carrying three of Lady Gaga’s dogs was shot by miscreants and fled with two dogs, while a French bulldog escaped.

The names of these dogs of Lady Gaga are Koji and Gustav. The commanding officer of the Robbery-Homicide Division Capt. Jonathan Tippett told that a woman brought Lady Gaga’s dogs to the LAPD’s Olympic Community Police Station at around 6 pm, the women who left the dogs did not find any involvement in the attack that happened on Wednesday night.


      Lady Gaga’s dog walker was walking 3 dogs

     Car-riding miscreants shot on the road in Hollywood city

    Pop singer placed a reward of 5 lakh dollars on those who stole the dog

       Hollywood’s famous American star singer Lady Gaga’s dog was stolen. The miscreants shot the man who walked the dog of the star pop singer and fled with two dogs of French bull dog breed. According to the information received from the police, armed people carried out this incident in Hollywood city of America. The singer has placed a bounty of $ 5 lakh i.e. about Rs 3 crore 65 lakh on those responsible for the incident.

     Dog walker Ryan Fisher was shot on Wednesday night and badly injured in the incident. According to Captain Jonathan, the commanding officer of the RobberyHomicide Division in Los Angeles Police, the dog walker was walking three of Lady Gaga’s dogs at the time of the incident, when one escaped. The dog has been safely recovered.


lady gaga with her dogs
photo credit -lady gaga instagram official account

The names of Lady Gaga’s lost dogs are Cozy and Gustav. The name of the third dog that fled the scene is Asia. At that time the pop singer was in Rome to shoot for the film. From time to time, Lady Gaga also posted pictures of her pet dogs on social media.
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A police statement said, “The two suspects exited the vehicle demanding the victim walk the dogs at gunpoint. The victim clashed with the suspects and one of the suspects was shot once. At present, the reason behind this incident was not known.

Special are French Bulldogs: Dogs of this breed are considered to be of expensive and prestigious breed and their price is also in thousands of dollars.

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