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Mahatma Buddha biography: Birthplace Real Name, Renunciation, First Sermon, Teachings, Death and Doctrine

The truth that Mahatma Buddha discovered is relevant even today. Buddha never said that he saw or knew God. He said that he only knew the cycle of life. He has found the truth. Disappointed with the increasing rituals in Brahminism, Buddha founded a new sect called Buddhism. It became so famous that crossing the borders of India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. became the state religion of Asian countries. In this article we will study the life of Mahatma Buddha on a historical basis, obviously, the article will be detailed. Mahatma Buddha

Mahatma Buddha biography

Mahatma Buddha biography:Birthplace Real Name, Renunciation, First Sermon, Teachings, Death and Doctrine

Mahatma Buddha (563-483 BC) biography

NameMahatma Buddha
Real nameSiddharth
OtherShakyamuni, Buddha
Born563 BC
BirthplaceKapilvastu (located in present-day Nepal)
Father's NameShuddhodhan
Mother's nameMahamaya
Step MotherMahaprajapati Gautami
Wife's NameYashodhara
Son nameRahul
Cousin's NameDevdutt
Home renunciationat the age of 29 (Mahabhinishkaman)
Buddha's First GuruAlar Kalam
EnlightenedAt the age of 35 on the day of Buddha Purnima
First sermonSarnath Varanasi (Dharma Chakra Pravartan)
Dear disciplesAnanda and Upali
PatronBimbisara, Ajatashatru
Died483 BC (80 Year Age)
Death placeKushinagar (Kusinara) Malla Republic
Cause of deathfood poisoning
Most sacred bookTripitaka
Tales of previous birthsJataka
A compilation of Buddha's teachingsSutta Pitaka

Some historical facts related to Mahatma Buddha

Buddha, the “enlightened” in Sanskrit a clan name (Sanskrit) Gautama or (Pali) Gautama, personal name (Sanskrit) Siddhartha or (Pali) Siddhartha, his birth (563 BC) BC, Lumbini, Kapilavastu (present-day Nepal located in), Sakya republic, Kosala kingdom [now in Nepal].

He died, in 483 BCE in Kusinara, Malla Republic, Magadha Empire [now Kasia Tehsil Bihar, India]), Buddhism Siddhartha founded the religion called Buddhism. Buddha was more than a religious teacher but also a social reformer.

His followers, called Buddhists, propagated the religion that is known today as Buddhism. The title Buddha was used by many religious groups in ancient India and had many meanings, but it was most strongly associated with the tradition of Buddhism and meant an enlightened (enlightened) being who had overcome the slumber of ignorance. He was awakened from the darkness, the knower of the true knowledge of life, and attained freedom from suffering.

According to various traditions of Buddhism, there have been Buddhas in previous lives as well and there will be Buddhas in the future as well. Some schools of Buddhism hold that there is only one Buddha for each historical era; Others believe that all beings will eventually become Buddhas because they have Buddha nature (Tathagatagarbha).

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All forms of Buddhism celebrate various events in the life of the Buddha Gautama, including his birth, enlightenment, and passage into nirvana. In some countries, the three events are celebrated on the same day, which is called Vesak in Southeast Asia.

In other regions, the festivals are held on different days and involve a variety of rituals and practices. In these countries, Buddha’s birthday is celebrated in April or May depending on the lunar date.

“In Japan, which does not use a lunar calendar, the birth of the Buddha is celebrated on April 8. The celebration there has been merged with a native Shinto ceremony at the flower festival known as Hanamatsuri.”

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history of women’s day: Know how the voice was raised for women around the world, the role of the United Nations

International Women’s Day is a date that is celebrated in many countries around the world. When women from all continents, often separated by national boundaries and ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic, and political differences, come together on this day, they commemorate at least ninety years of fighting for equality, justice, and peace You can see the tradition. and development.

history of women's day
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history of women’s day

International Women’s Day refers to women in general as makers of history and has its roots in the age-old struggle of women to participate in society on an equal footing with men.

In ancient Greece, Lysistrata launched a sex strike against men to end the war; In the French Revolution, Parisians calling for “liberty, equality and fraternity” marched to Versailles to demand women’s suffrage.

We invite you to learn more about the history of women and the contributions of the United Nations on this page.
first major years in the movement

International Women’s Day, celebrated by the United Nations in 1975 and proclaimed by its Assembly two years later, has its origins in demonstrations by women who, especially in Europe, fought for the right to vote in the early 20th century. Had demanded Better working conditions and equality between the sexes:

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