National Science Day February 28 | About Sir CV Raman, for what discovery did he get the Nobel Prize?

   National Science Day February 28 CV Raman, also known as Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, was an Indian renowned physicist whose work was influential in the development of science in India. Raman received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930 for his discovery that when light passes through a transparent material, some of the deflected … Read more

ChatGPT: what is it, how to use it, and what you can do with this GPT-3 artificial intelligence chat

In this article, we are going to tell you what ChatGPT is and what you can do with it, and ChatGPT Plus, a chat system with artificial intelligence that is surprising us all. It’s one of the most capable AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems we’ve tested in recent times, capable of answering whatever you ask of … Read more

What is adenovirus? Symptoms, Solutions, Precautions

West Bengal is now dealing with a worrisome issue as a result of increase in the incidence of flu-like symptoms among the youth brought on by adenovirus. According to reports, Adenovirus has been seriously affecting the youth since December last year. Unfortunately, the state health administration has yet to count the exact number of adenovirus-related … Read more

Shaili Oberoi will be able to remain mayor only for 38 days – know what is the reason behind this

Councilor Member of Ward No. 86 of Delhi, now elected Mayor of Delhi, Shelly Oberoi will be able to remain in this post only for 38 days. Do you know the reason behind this? So we will tell you what is the reason behind this. So read the article till the end. After a wait … Read more

Marburg virus: what it is, how it is transmitted and how to stop the infectious disease reappearing in Africa

The virus is transmitted to people by fruit bats. The World Health Organization has confirmed the first-ever outbreak of Marburg disease in Equatorial Guinea. WHO has informed that due to this virus related to Ebola, there have been 9 deaths in the country so far. The health agency confirmed the outbreak when samples from … Read more

Fourth day in the earthquake disaster that shook Turkey: the number of people who lost their lives in the earthquake disaster was 12 thousand 391

Latest news… According to AFAD data, on Monday, February 6 at 04:17, 7.7 in the Pajarsık district of Kahramanmaras; At 13.24, two earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.6 occurred in the Elbistan district. AFAD announced that by 03.00 the death toll had risen to 12 thousand 391 and the number of injured to 62 thousand … Read more