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Last updated on March 6th, 2023 at 10:13 am

Councilor Member of Ward No. 86 of Delhi, now elected Mayor of Delhi, Shelly Oberoi will be able to remain in this post only for 38 days. Do you know the reason behind this? So we will tell you what is the reason behind this. So read the article till the end.

Shaili Oberoi will be able to remain mayor only for 38 days – know what is the reason behind this

After a wait of 84 days, Aam Aadmi Party’s candidate Shaili Oberoi won by 34 votes and was elected the new Mayor of Delhi. Shaili got 150 votes out of the total 266 votes and the Aam Aadmi Party ousted the BJP, which had held the MCD for 15 years. Shelly defeated BJP candidate Rekha Gupta, and Rekha got 116 votes.

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Delhi finally got its new mayor after 84 days of tug-of-war. Shelly Oberoi of the Aam Aadmi Party defeated Rekha Gupta of the BJP. Shelly Oberoi won by 34 votes but would be able to hold the post for only 34 days. Shelly will hold the post of Mayor of Delhi till March 31. After this, there will be an election for the post of mayor again in April.

Shelly Oberoi becomes mayor

MCD elections were held in Delhi 84 days back in which Aam Aadmi Party won. However, the BJP tried many tricks to make its mayor in Delhi. Several times the date for the mayor’s election was fixed, but each time the councilors of the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party clashed with each other and the election had to be canceled. The matter went to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court declared the nominated councilors ineligible to vote in the mayoral elections.

Finally, elections were held on Wednesday 22/02/2023 in which AAP candidate Shaili Oberoi won by getting 150 votes. Rekha Gupta who was the candidate of the BJP got 116 votes. Shelly Oberoi had to wait for 84 days to become the mayor. The results of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi came on 7 December 2022. Three times the date of the election for the post of Mayor was fixed but due to uproar, the election could not be held.

Mayor Shaili Oberoi will be able to stay only for 38 days

Shaili Oberoi has been elected as the Mayor of Delhi after many upheavals but she will be able to remain in this post only for 38 days. Now you must be thinking that why is it so? So let us tell you about it.

In fact, there is a provision in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi Act that the mayor’s tenure lasts from 1st April to 31st March, i.e. for one year. Section 2(67) of the DMC Act provides that the tenure of the MCD shall commence from 1st April till 31st March. In this way, this session will end on 31st March. In this way Shaili Oberoi who became mayor on 22nd February, her tenure will end on 31st March next month and in this way, she will be in the post of mayor only for 84 days. After this, the election for the post of mayor will be held again on April 1. It is not certain in which direction the new elections will take place because BJP will once again use one trick or the other.

Know who is Shelly Oberoi

Delhi’s new mayor Shaili Oberoi (39 years) is a councilor from West Delhi’s East Patel Nagar ward. She was an assistant professor at Delhi University. Apart from this, she is also a life member of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, as her family background is business. Shelly’s father is a businessman. Shelly holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Management Studies from the School of Management Studies, IGNOU. She has published many research papers and received many awards and honors.

Shelly Oberoi started her political career in 2013 as a general activist. Aam Aadmi Party appointed her as Mahila Morcha Vice President in 2020. For the first time won the election for the councilor in the local body elections. Shaili Gupta has also been a Visiting Assistant Professor at Delhi University. Shaili fought from East Patel Nagar, the bastion of BJP, and Adesh Gupta, in the corporator elections and defeated Deepali Kumari of BJP by 269 votes and now defeated Rekha Gupta of BJP and captured the post of Mayor of Delhi.

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