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Basic Maths Tips: According to research conducted by Oxford University, keeping distance from mathematics affects the mental and physical development of students. Here are some tips that can make maths easy.

Maths Practice Tips: With this formula, mathematics will become a favorite subject, it is necessary for mental-physical development


Maths Practice Tips: With this formula, mathematics will become a favorite subject, it is necessary for mental-physical development


  •  Maths leads to mental and physical development
  •  Basic tips in maths will help a lot
  •  These tips are important to remember maths formulas

Basic Maths Tips: A recent research by Oxford University has shown that students who stop or distance themselves from studying maths in their teens have an impact on the development of a particular part of their brain. Such students have been found to lack the chemical gamma-aminobutyric acid in the part of the brain that is responsible for the ability to think. This research was done by Raw Cohen on 14 to 18-year-old students.

According to researcher Raw Cohen, math affects the mental as well as the physical. Adolescence is a very special age for development. At this age, along with the development of the brain, the ability to think and understand also develops. Along with the research, researcher Rau Cohen has also given some such suggestions, with the help of which students can develop their interest in mathematics.

Understand math

There is often such a fear in the minds of students regarding mathematics that the students who will be interested in studying mathematics also start getting scared of what they hear and agree with it. He starts believing that mathematics is the most difficult subject which requires a very sharp mind to study. However, it becomes a lot easier if you understand the math.

Read step by step

Mathematics is one such subject that cannot be covered in any chapter suddenly. In doing so this topic is not easily understood. The whole process of studying maths has to be followed. Which goes on increasing from one step to another. Mathematics becomes difficult if this process is not followed.

Practice every day

Mathematics is such a subject that becomes very easy with daily practice, so make sure to spend time and practice daily for maths in your timetable. If you get stuck on any questions, don’t worry too much at that time. The next day tries to solve that question again.


We all know that with practice every difficulty can be overcome which we consider impossible. So you also practice maths regularly and make your brain sharp.


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