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 Five reasons why Boris Johnson had to resign-Just three years ago, Boris Johnson brought the Conservative Party to power with its biggest election victory since 1987. But what happened in these three years that Boris Johnson lost the support of his MPs and now he has to resign from the post of party leader.

He will remain in the post of PM till the new leader is elected.

Five reasons why Boris Johnson had to resign


Five reasons why Boris Johnson had to resign

Chris Pincher controversy

On Wednesday, 29 June, the party’s deputy chief whip MP Chris Pincher Affair went to a private club in London. In his own words, he drank an excessive amount of alcohol and then became a part of a shameful incident.

He was accused of touching two men in an objectionable manner, followed by a flurry of allegations, some of them linked to an incident several years ago. After this, a series of things happened such that the matter reached the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

First, the UK government said it had no knowledge of the allegations against Pincher before Prime Minister Johnson was appointed as deputy chief whip in February. The ministers also reiterated the same point, while this thing later turned out to be wrong.

On July 4, the BBC reported that Johnson had formal knowledge of the complaint. The next day, Lord MacDonald, a former civil servant, reported that the Prime Minister had personally been informed of the complaint.

Then-Prime Minister Johnson admitted he was told about it in 2019, and apologized for appointing Pincher as deputy chief whip.

party gate

In April this year, Prime Minister Johnson was fined for breaking the lockdown rule for attending a gathering on his birthday in June 2020.

He also apologized for attending a liquor party in Downing Street Garden during the first lockdown.

Police imposed a total of 126 fines on 83 people for violating lockdown rules in Downing Street and Whitehall.

Then a senior female civil officer Su Grey, in her report, mentioned the social incidents related to political employees in which the rules of lockdown were broken.

He wrote, that the senior central leadership, both political and official, should take responsibility for this.

In December last, Johnson told Parliament that all the rules in the Prime Minister’s Office had been fully followed. Now a parliamentary committee is probing whether he deliberately misled Parliament.

The crisis over the cost of living – and the increase in tax

Inflation rose sharply in 2022 and currently stands at 9.1%.

Many reasons for this were beyond the control of Boris Johnson. For example, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has increased oil prices and food costs.

Meanwhile, the government has taken some steps, such as – the duty charge on the fuel being removed by 5 pence per liter. However, there was an increase in tax in April.

The government has taken several steps, such as – fuel duty has been cut by 5pence per liter – as well as an increase in tax in the month of April.

Contribution to National Insurance has also been increased by 1.25 pence.

The government has said the tax increase will be applied to the health and social care sectors, and changes this week have eased the odds – but people earning more than £34,000 a year still have higher taxes. have to give.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer said in April that the government’s increase in tax costs on working people is the worst phase of living challenges in decades.

Owen Patterson case

In October 2021, a House of Commons committee recommended the suspension of then-Conservative MP Owen Paterson for 30 days.

The committee had said that they have broken the rules of lobbying so that they can benefit the companies which have paid them.

But the Conservative Party, led by the prime minister, voted to withhold his suspension and set up a new committee to look into how the investigation was conducted.

Patterson resigned after much uproar. Later, Johnson himself admitted that he had made a ‘gross mistake’ in handling the matter.

At the level of focus and idea

Boris Johnson took over after Theresa May’s resignation. He came to the post of PM with the majority.

But his critics kept saying from the beginning that he lacked focus and ideas,

Dominic Cummings, who had previously been an advisor to Boris Johnson, who later became the main critic, continued to criticize him time and again. He also accused them of being uncontrollable.

Apart from this, others had also raised questions about PM Johnson’s point of view and doubts were also on whether he had any philosophy or not.

In June, Conservative MP and former minister Jeremy Hunt accused Johnson of lacking “honesty, ability, and foresight”.

Lost in the by-elections. After the latest defeat, Johnson said he was not going to undergo any “psychological transformation”.

But now this is not a concern of the Conservative Party MPs. He has spoken and PM Boris Johnson is leaving.


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