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Tajmahal | Taj mahal india

        The Taj Mahal is the most famous building in India, which is visited by millions of tourists every year from India and abroad. Where is the Taj Mahal today, what is its history? Along with this, we will also introduce you to interesting facts related to the Taj Mahal. Please read this article completely. If you like this article then please do share it with your friends.

Tajmahal | taj mahal india
Night view of Taj Mahal-Photo Credit-

History of Tajmahal —

     The construction of the Taj Mahal was done by the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan in the memory of his most beloved wife, Begum Arjumand Banu. Arjumand Banu ( Mumtaj Mahal ) died in 1630. The Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra, Uttar Pradesh. To make the Taj Mahal unique, Shah Jahan had invited artisans from all over the country and abroad to make its map. The final map of the Taj Mahal was prepared after major alterations. Initially, a small model of the Taj Mahal was made of wood, seeing which the artisans used to do their work.

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Who was the architect of Taj Mahal?

     The architect of the Taj Mahal was Ustad Isha under whose supervision the Taj Mahal was built. He was given 1000 monthly salary.

taj mahal
night view of taj mahal-

Controversy about the architect of the Taj Mahal

   The Spanish clergyman Manrique claimed that the map of the Taj Mahal was prepared by “Gironio Vironio”, a resident of Vinas. The author refutes this argument by saying that ‘Shah Jahan may have consulted a Vinas construction specialist, but this It is surprising that the map of the Taj has been made by a foreigner only.
      A French traveler named Thavinaut said after seeing the Taj Mahal in 1640–

       “This magnificent building alone is enough to suggest that Indian building art is not ignorant, although its style of construction may seem somewhat strange to Europeans. It shows an artistic interest and everyone will say that it is beautiful. “

 Abdul Hamid Lahori has written“It is noteworthy that from every nook and corner of the Emperor’s sultanate, swarms of sculptors, sangatras, rajas, painters came. Experts of each art along with their assistants got involved in this work.”

Ferguson is of the opinion that – “The Taj Mahal of Agra is probably the only mausoleum that stands out for its importance with its simplicity. Perhaps there is no such scene anywhere in the world, where nature and art can embody the best of art.” May I have gathered with as much success as in the confines of this famous tomb.”

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 later Mughal emperor -1707-1806

Ferguson was of the opinion that Italian artists were brought from Florence who introduced the art of adding precious stones to marble in India. But this style was mainly prevalent in all the buildings of Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan appointed ‘Austin Bardows’ among his chief construction consultants. He responded to the objection that Indian writers did not mention any foreign artist, saying that “It is not right to expect Indians to mention foreign artists more accomplished than them. Again the poor enthusiasts of Italy.” Where else would the artist get the opportunity to mention the artistic work he has done by himself?

taj mahal
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How long did it take to build the Taj Mahal?

         It took 22 years to build the Taj Mahal. Many authors have given its construction period differently.

How much money was spent in the construction of Taj Mahal?

About 3 crore rupees were spent on the construction of the Taj Mahal.

       According to Abdul Hameed Lahori, these buildings, which have been mentioned above, were built under the supervision of Makramat Khan and Mir Abdul Karim and they cost 50 lakh rupees.

         It is to be remembered that the stone which is installed at the main gate of the Taj Mahal is inscribed in the year 1647 AD, according to which it took 17 years to prepare it. written by travernier 22 years.

 It is well known that Shah Jahan had invested an immovable property with an annual income of Rs 1 lakh for the construction of the Taj Mahal and almost the same amount would have come from the shops, sarais and markets adjoining it.

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Taj Mahal design and decoration

   Percy Brown observes that “It is worth noting that while the measurement and measurement of its construction was in the hands of the Muslims, the work of decoration was in the hands of Hindu craftsmen, especially the difficult work of colored stone bellboots in Kanauj. Made by Hindu artisans only.” (Cambridge History of India Vol-4 p. 564). “Its main dome is of the Timurid style in design, whose ancient ancestor is a round dome made of rock in Jerusalem. But the depth in its roundness is Indian in contrast to the style of erected structure like a parasol, which climbs on each other. From the masonry enclosures, the education of Hindu temples has been made like a urn.

Taj Mahal
photo credit-

Which stone was used in the construction of Taj Mahal?

Makrana’s marble has a big contribution in the beauty of Taj Mahal of Agra. Entire Taj Mahal made of Makrana marble

 What is Taj Mahal quartzite?

 The Taj Mahal quartzite has a soft white background and subtle gold veins. Fully natural quartzite is more durable than granite and is known for its wispy and dramatic veins like marble.

Taj Mahal is a sign of true love

        The Taj Mahal is the best memento of conjugal love and devotion in the world. It is unique in terms of texture and artisan’s idea. This is a poem written in stone. This is a depiction of a dream in marble. It is the drop of an immortal tear on the cheek of immortality, which drips down from the human heart and has stayed there.” The meaning of what Sir Edwin Arnold wrote about the Taj is as follows.

         “Taj! You are not a building like other buildings!
           But be a proud inspiration of an emperor’s love!
           Whom alive in the world of shining imagination
           sculpted in stone, whose
           Spirit and mind in the body of real beauty
           Both take rest.

Shah Jahan himself has written about the Taj Mahal, the meaning of which is as follows—–
     “If a criminal takes shelter here, it is as if his sin is forgiven. If a criminal comes to this place, all his past sins are washed away. The view of this palace creates sorrowful sighs and the sun and the moon with their own eyes. She sheds tears. This temple has been built to showcase the glory of God in this world.”

Features of Taj Mahal

         In the glory of the Taj Mahal, another writer has written as follows –
        “The special thing about this building is that it is not affected at all by the external environment, nor has the light had any effect on its marble walls. This marble is very fine moist white, first extracted from the shabby hills of Makrana. The stone has a light brown appearance. Over the centuries the sun has softened it, and the red dust from the region near the rain has deposited on it such a colored layer which is not easily visible, but it is covered with different -Various colors are reflected well. As a result, this building appears to be painted in many colors during the day. It seems to be bathed in the glimpse of many other shades of cool brown in the morning, shimmering white, in the afternoon and pink in the evening. A marvelous color fills it in the moonlit night of the full moon. Sometimes an aesthetic picture is drawn in the role of the flowers of its garden and it appears that both nature and man have joined their hands in a very A breathtakingly beautiful view has been set up.”

Ferguson observes: “Perhaps there is no scene in the whole world where nature and art have been in such a beautiful harmony as in the wall of the Taj Mahal. The sacred beauty of the central hall cannot be expressed in words. The medium is visible in the dark. This light comes into it from afar and through the half-open vents that surround it. It could have been used as a barah-dari or ‘Anand Bhavan’. It must have always been one of the coolest and most beautiful gardens. And now it is the sacred memorial of the deceased. It is the most magnificent and impressive mausoleum in the world.


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      Notable features of Shah Jahan’s buildings are the excessive use of marble, the conscious and gentle painting designs on marble and red balbai stone, the costly, religious and durable constructions, the more slender and graceful arches, pillars and minarets, tall and well shaped. The dome is a beautiful and ostentatious design with graceful designs, high level of cufic inscriptions and occasional use of ideas. 

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Tajmahal | taj mahal india

Tajmahal | taj mahal india

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