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 Edward Leung, the activist who raised the slogan of Hong Kong’s independence, was released from prison prematurely

For his good behavior to Edward Leung, his prison sentence was reduced from six years to four years.

Hong Kong independence activist Edward Leung Tin-kei was released from prison on Wednesday after nearly four years in prison.


Edward Leung, the activist who raised the slogan of Hong Kong's independence
Pro-independence activist Edward Leung Tin-kei in Hong Kong on 18 January 2018

Edward Leung Tin-kei was arrested for rioting and assault during the 2016 Hong Kong protests. He was sentenced to six years in prison by a court after he was found accused of hitting and kicking an officer from behind with a plastic cylinder and wooden board in 2018.

According to the Chinese newspaper “South China Morning Post”, his prison sentence was reduced to Edward Leung Tin-kei for his good behavior, and he was released from prison with special security arrangements.

He was freed from Shake Pik prison before 3 a.m. and Edward Leung Tin-kei reached his home around 5.45 a.m. and was reunited with family.

After being released from prison, Edward Leung Tin-kei responded by saying —-

       “Four years later, I want to cherish the precious time I spent without my family and live a normal life again. I want to express my genuine gratitude to all of your well-wishers for their concern for me,” he wrote in a Facebook post, according to Bloomberg. “I thank everyone for their concern and love.”






Now under a legal obligation to comply with a “supervision order” under legal process, Leung said he would “stay away from the spotlight and stop using social media”, according to AFP.

After this, his Facebook profile was deleted till 6.30 am. So that he could not have any contact with his supporters through social media.

The driving road outside Shake Pick Prison, from where Edward Leung was released, is loosely blocked. Everything is calm but suddenly two buffaloes came closer but they did not harm them in any way.

Prior to the release of Edward Leung Tin-kei, his family urged his supporters not to celebrate. And requested him to avoid going to jail to welcome him. Edward Leung Tin-kei is expected to remain under surveillance by law enforcement officials.

Who is Edward Leung Tin-kei

Born in 1991, Leung rose to prominence in 2015, when he joined the political group Hong Kong Indigenous as its spokesperson and became the first pro-independence candidate to run in a legislature by-election. He got over 66,000 votes. Despite their electoral defeat, it was widely regarded as an endorsement of the movement.

While Leung was serving his prison sentence, his slogan – “Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times” – became the slogan of a rally during the pro-democracy movement in 2019.

Its use has been banned under a new national security law imposed on the city in June 2020, citing two security law sentences.

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